Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yep, one of those days . . .

It has been one of those mornings, hurried, frazzled, stressed. At least it did not snow on me while I was out running errands, that would have made it a 10/10 flipping out kind of a day. I'm actually doing quite well not to model any of my bad habits for J, surprisingly being a mom has given me the kind of patience I always wanted. I know that's not normally the case, I don't know what went haywire during the pregnancy. Wires got crossed, maybe the circuit got fried, I couldn't tell you.

This layout is special to me because I hoarded that 7 Gypsies paper so long that it is vintage now, but I feel like it was the right choice. I have alot of vintage basic grey and mustard moon, and I would love to use it all in a new cleaner style than was popular when it first came out. But, I'm a little worried that this might fly in the face of convention. We are supposed to want the latest and greatest, and I do. I just want the old stuff too.

I counted last night and I have now 15 layouts for J's book. I don't know whether to feel like "that's it???!" or "I have 15!" It's all how you look at it. Today I'm leaning more toward, that's it? I guess I have such big work to do.


janel said...

The good thing is...you have plenty to scrap. Remember, just because it isn't down on paper doesn't mean that it isn't a precious memory. You will look back through pictures and love them whether they were on a scrapbook page or not. Think of the ones you have completed as the icing on the cake...and your little guy is certainly a sweet little cake!!!

ali mclaughlin said...

Love the layout!I wouldn't worry about not having enough pages, you will at least appreciate the ones you have..