Friday, February 29, 2008


It's been one of those mornings. J has been up since 4:30, which means that our play date at 8am is so not going to happen. The temper tantrums have already begun. We don't need to add more kids, toys, attitudes to this equation. The conditions are already right for a big meltdown.

I got my paper, glorious day!! I got Scenic Route, Making Memories, Jenni Bowlin, 2 Scoops from Basic Grey, Heidi Swapp Hearts (yes!) and other shapes/rub-ons, Bam-pop die -cut paper, Maya road chipboard, etc. Can't wait to play with it tonight.

On the subject of this layout, there is hidden journaling under the flower. The flower is a card my grandmother sent me that I recycled. I love that it opens. I'm not a big hidden journaling person, but I really enjoyed this. J. has been opening it all morning so I think he likes it too.

Off to find my Friday pants, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm starting to feel better, little by little. The stomach thing was intense, but fortunately most noxious things in life are short-lived. No one else got it, really weird. But I'm thankful, don't get me wrong.

Some of the best moments over the past few days were when I was reading to J. There is one book where the baby bear kisses the papa bear, and J always leans over and kiss me. So cute. Then we have been reading "Tails" by Matthew Van Fleet, and he loves the ending, gets all excited when we read "the biggest tale of them all." I love being able to see things in a whole new way through his perspective. I'm drinking up these moments, savoring them.

The layout I did last night is just a standard for the baby book, height and weight. J. really was a good baby, and I already miss him being so little. But, unlike most people who love babies and puppies, I love, love trying to figure him out as a toddler and I will probably be completely enamored with him when he can talk. I was the same way with my dog, he was an insane puppy. I remember crying after 6 months to my husband, "but I just wanted a dog to sit with me." For the past 6 years, my pug has been the perfect lap dog. I like puppies and babies, but I love when they get a little older. You can't interact much with puppies and babies, they are just too crazy, too much internal chaos. I love the loyalty of an older child and dog. I guess I'm odd that way. My better half calls me an "old soul." Maybe he is right.

I'm tracking my package, not long now until the paper motherload arrives. Maybe a day or two. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't remember eating THAT. . .

I feel awful this morning. I got really sick last night around 3 am, and couldn't stop throwing up. My stomach still feels awful. I don't know what it could be, it's been a few days since we ate out. No one else is sick. I hate to throw up, I think it is a form of torture. I guess it's a stomach flu. JOY.

Since I'm tired and feeling pretty crappy, I'll just leave you with a layout. I keep doing really bold colors on toddler layouts, maybe because toddlers are so bold. This has every phrase I say to J. on a regular basis I think.

I need to print more pictures, maybe this afternoon. If I get off the couch.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Monday morning all! I'm trying to get myself together, but confused as to what I need to do (this is normal). I imagine this is what my dog feels like, he goes into a room and can't remember why he is there.

This past weekend the 3 of us went out to eat. Now, that might not seem very exciting to you. But, we haven't been out to eat in public in forever. We usually get it to go. It's really hard with J. He just wants to get down and run around normally, has since he was 5 months old. But he was really good yesterday, sat in his chair and flirted with the little girl baby across the way. I don't think either of them ate much.

I'm anxiously waiting on my paper package, can't wait to use some new stuff!! I have so many ideas. I know that some of you emailed me your concerns, and really I am fine with the DT thing. Don't worry. I can take it. Really, it's only time to worry when I stop scrapping. Here is my latest: (see pic)

I'm hoping to meet up with a scrapping friend this weekend, the only one I know in this area. I'm very excited about that.
PS pharmgirl I left a message on your blog

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweet Sorrow

Well, clearly I did not make the label tulip design team. And that's a bummer. The women who did are extremely talented and I know Cindee made the right choice for her site. Since I have no connection to the site you can take to the bank that they have amazing kits, but they sell out fast--in minutes!

Still, I had to drown my sorrows. I ate a brownie without ice cream (I'm bummed not devastated). And I drank a cream soda, and I never drink soda. Additionally, I had to engage in some retail therapy as well, subsequently purchasing everything that was in the label tulip kit I wanted and then some from 2 Peas. And it helped. To hell with the budget. :) Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Friday, February 22, 2008

She blinded me with Science . . .

And what until you see my math skills. :) Well, the deal with the RAK is kind of like this. I had the number 17 in my head, but since we didn't get to seventeen posts, I omitted the number one and we are left with 7:

Julie Kelley said...

Fun idea for a RAK, and I'm also bad about actually commenting!! I do love to read blogs though :)

February 20, 2008 2:31 PM

So Julie please email me your address and I will put the books and paper pack in the mail asap. You can P-mail me on peas if you prefer, my user is vtpuggirl. The blog has only been in existence for 1 month, so 11 is pretty good I think.

So what else is new? I'm been working on some scrappy projects, the latest is at the top. Exciting stuff this weekend, so stay tuned. I am waiting for the label tulip DT to be announced. I shouldn't even get my hopes up, but I've found that since I became a mom I am much more of an optomist. How can anyone look into the eyes of a child and tell them anything other than everything will be ok? I believe that, and if I am not choosen, that is what was meant to be I guess. There is a reason for everything and we only see the messy strings of God's very perfect quilt he weaves in heaven.

I need to make a budget this weekend. Ugghh. That is like pulling teeth. It seems to live in the same realm as diet--read self-depriving to me. Since the 2 moves in 6 months, everything has been in turmoil. Ok chaos is probably better. I find that I tend to have anxiety about things until I can organize them, categorize them, and file them in my brain. Then I'm ok.

Thank you to all who participated in the RAK and don't worry. My scraproom is packed and I am always up for donating some of it to willing commenters in the future. One thing if you are so inclined, I'm trying to put together a bio. If you have a comment on my style, how to categorize that, I'd be forever grateful. Have a great weekend and for the love of paper, go make something!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is this thing on? RAK

I've been working on some scrappy projects and cleaning. My scraproom is a huge mess. I'll be cleaning that along with the bedrooms/bathrooms today. I found out my monkey loves bananas for breakfast, too cute.

I've been trying to figure out how many people do what I do, go to a blog, read the entry and leave without posting. I'm bad about that, I admit it. So, in the interest of Science, I am conducting some research. How many people do that on this blog? That is the question. To help me figure that out, I will be giving away a RAK. I have already picked a number, and will count the number of replies until I get to that number, that number will get the RAK. I think that is as fair a way to do it as I know. Unless no one posts, in such case I will give the RAK to the children's hospital, which is what I usually do.

What is the RAK you ask? 2 things really. I did some work for a board book company a while back and they gave me more board books that I know what to do with. I have 2 left 8 x 8, one white and one black. (See picture, my project is in the right corner. It was so cool to see my work on a product package!) Plus, about a year ago I had bought some vintage Basic Grey Alyssa paper, very girly. Well, I had a boy. I kept thinking the green and yellow paper might work, but it really is just very girly. So a whole unopened BG Alyssa Paper pack will accompany the board books. I was going to keep them for J's school years, but I really want some of the newer books with scalloped edges. I'll announce the RAK Friday, the best day of the week. See you later.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blessed, I'm just so blessed.

Today I feel so lucky. I have a wonderful husband, a great kid, awesome friends. Of course a wonderful slobbering dog. I really could not ask for much more. Here is my latest. I'm moving on into those toddler pages.

Today I have been sorting stuff to give to charity. Did you know if you donate to the Vietnam Vet Association they will come pick it up at your house? I love that! I know the cool thing to do is to sell it on the internet, but I'd rather give it to people/an organization that needs it and take it off the taxes.

Some things I have been reading on the paper front:

1. Wall Street Journal: Credit crunch is getting worse, student loans in Michigan are denied or on hold. No funds for school? That sucks!

2. Sandra Lee's Slower cooker cookbooks 1 and 2. They are awesome, good and easy. Like mom used to make.

3. Sandra Boynton's Barnyard dance, Bellybutton Book, Pajama book to J of course. If you don't know kid's books (I happen to have a minor in English so I do), she is just the coolest. I wish they would make a tv show about her stuff. Goodnight Moon, at nauseum. :P

4. Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for life, it's about personal finance. I don't agree with everything in it, but I think he is just the coolest. We luv Jimmy at my house. Every night at dinner time we are like, Jimmy's on!

I'll try to figure out how to add these books to the side bar. I was asked yesterday to do something scrappy related and I'm so very excited that someone thought enough of my work to ask me. Secrets, so exciting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just another monday

My to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds, probably because I don't actually do any of the things on the list. I keep trying to show the list who is boss, but the list sometimes kicks my butt. Here is my latest, trying to keep things soft because it's for the baby book. However, my better half does not like the pink hearts. I don't guess that the mother's of little girls have this problem. It seems like every layout I do is being evaluated for whether or not it is masculine enough. It's a baby layout, it's supposed to be all warm and goo-y. I hate that I'll be limited to red, blue, green and kraft if masculine is the only way to go. I'm moving on to some toddler layouts, this baby stuff is harder than I thought and should only be attempted in small doses.
PS Sunny J if you are reading this, please post and let me know you are all right. I'm worried sick about you and yours 'cuz I haven't heard from you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy, busy

I have taken the last two nights off from scrapping. Life happens and I was so wiped out that I went to bed early on Friday, and then Sat I was spending time with my better half. But, I just finished a layout, will upload tomorrow. Right now I thought I'd give Ali Mclaughlin's challenge a try:

Five things that...

Fascinate me

1. The ups and downs of the stock market
2. Celebrity gossip
3. The news on tv
4. Paper and stickers
5. Decorating

Inspire me

1. Beautiful photos
2. Songs
3. Truth/honesty
4. Color
5. Fashion

Anger me

1. Injustice
2. Bullying
3. Lying
4. Abuse of anyone, women, men, elders, children or animals
5. Crime

Confuse me

1. War
2. Road Rage
3. Piercing anything besides your ears (ouch)
4. Snobbery
5. Directions

Delight me

1. My family
2. My child
3. My dog
4.My friends
5. My life

Amaze me

1. Pregnancy/child birth
2. Medical miracles
3. People who never give up
4. Science
5. Life

Sadden me

1. People driven by hate (terrorists)
2. Poverty
3. Not taking advantage of good opportunities/advice
4. Death
5. Missing anyone I love

Fullfill me

1. Having a career
2. Being a Mom, wife
3. Taking care of a home/family
4. Creating art
5. Being needed

Frighten me

1. Sharks
2. Unexpectedly discovering bugs
3. Scary movies
4. Forgetting something important
5. People sneaking up on me

Relax me

1. Reading books
2. Drinking hot chocolate or apple cider
3. Candles
4. Petting my dog
5. Scrapbooking

Now it's your turn! Pass it on!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday pants story

Happy Friday all! I have on my friday pants and I'm ready to go! That is a tradition that I started when I was a student. In my postgraduate program, we had horribly hard tests every friday. So, I started to notice that I had an affinity for a certain pair of pants that I would wear every friday. Now, I was a good student/nerd, whatever, and I normally did make really good grades. I ended up being 2nd in my class. Anyway, I became so paranoid and superstitious that I could only wear these specific pants on Friday, somehow they were lucky and bringing me good scores (not all the studying I did day and night--couldn't be that!)

When I started working, I did the same thing. Habit after all those years I guess. Through the years I've had lots of different "friday" pants. My personal favorite had dots in every color of the rainbow on black pants. I changed up the tops. My better half told me I looked ridiculous when I bought them and some old lady in the store outside the dressing room hit him with her purse and told him not to say such things to his wife!! I knew I had to have them.

My mom "Friday pants" are actually a special pair of jeans. Things change, but this is something about me that never will. Now you know. Sorry for the horrible scan, this layout is a lot prettier in real life, but the colors are so soft the scanner is missing them. Could take a pic, but I'm out of time. Later gators.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For the love of hearts

Not that she would ever visit, but in the event that you do, Heidi Swapp, is there anyway you could make a heart punch or stamp or something? Help a girl out! I haven't played with paper hearts like this since I was in grade school. But it was fun. I do love those HS hearts.

Valentine's day, Happy Birthday Dad! I almost forget to call him every year, it's so crazy busy on V-day. Today I am making a cake for my sweethearts. I love cake and there really doesn't need to be a reason. I just baked a yellow cake with bits of tiny hersey's kisses in it, will frost with rich chocolate iicing. I lick the batter from the spoon too, even though I know better, even though I did get Salmonella poisoning once. It's a small risk, the pay off is worth the price.

I do (heart) you J and T. Happy Valentine's day everyone! Be happy, do something fun.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's cold and rainy/icy here. I wish it weren't so. I feel blah. And I have a thousand things to do. I just don't feel like blogging today. I don't feel like discussing what is really bothering me, or thinking about it for that matter. I will just say, I wish that people would treat others how they themselves would want to be treated. I will defer to the immortal Dr. Seuss (so wise):

From Oh the places you'll go:
This you already know, you'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go.
Just remember to step with care and great tact and remember that life is a great balancing act.
Just never forget to be dexterious and deft and never mix-up your right foot with your left.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yep, one of those days . . .

It has been one of those mornings, hurried, frazzled, stressed. At least it did not snow on me while I was out running errands, that would have made it a 10/10 flipping out kind of a day. I'm actually doing quite well not to model any of my bad habits for J, surprisingly being a mom has given me the kind of patience I always wanted. I know that's not normally the case, I don't know what went haywire during the pregnancy. Wires got crossed, maybe the circuit got fried, I couldn't tell you.

This layout is special to me because I hoarded that 7 Gypsies paper so long that it is vintage now, but I feel like it was the right choice. I have alot of vintage basic grey and mustard moon, and I would love to use it all in a new cleaner style than was popular when it first came out. But, I'm a little worried that this might fly in the face of convention. We are supposed to want the latest and greatest, and I do. I just want the old stuff too.

I counted last night and I have now 15 layouts for J's book. I don't know whether to feel like "that's it???!" or "I have 15!" It's all how you look at it. Today I'm leaning more toward, that's it? I guess I have such big work to do.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey all, good monday morning! Here is my layout using a technique I call "toned BW". I have loved this paper by Basic Grey LilyKate for a while, but couldn't figure out what to do with it. Having BW photos makes using up your paper stash so much easier. I still love color, but this is a nice change. Some of the other photos I printed last night were a little harsher, more black and white with little or no grey. I can't decide which I really like, but I do like since I tend to put some BW on every page that the photo already has it, so I don't have to factor that into the design.

In other news, my better half is working on taxes. Sounds like fun. My little tax deduction is sleeping. And for valentine's day I asked for a GPS for the car. I hate getting lost, swept away in traffic. Nothing makes me more frustrated quicker. Except for printer/computer trouble. Those two things will get your heart rate up in a hurry. I have to work on my father's B-day present, his birthday is Valentine's day. Kind of funny that the toughest man I know celebrates his birthday every year with pink hearts.

To those I owe email, I am working on that. I promise!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

For the love of. . . B&W?

My mom and J had the best time together, but my mom is the worst babysitter.  I got home and she ordered pizza, had friends over, the baby was still up.  Craziness.  But, I'm so ridiculously blessed to have her, and J. loves her to death so I don't even care.  Made my life so much easier for 2 hours.

I have to get printer ink this weekend, and print out some pictures.  I'm hoping to experiment with black and white.  I'm going to tell you up front that my love is color, but I would like to try out some B&W to rev up the old mojo.  Something different, exciting. I'm hoping anyway. 

So quick post, since I have photoshopping to do.  Happy Saturday all!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Whoa, crazy morning!

I'm so late posting today, I know. J and I got my haircut and he was so good! It is the first time I've tried to do that since having a baby, and it went a lot better than I expected. I tipped the stylist big because all she kept saying was that my kid was the best ever. Flattery will get you everywhere my dear. I bought J a Mr. Potato head as a reward, I think he was more interested in the box.

So, here is my beauty secret that is apparently not such a secret. I love the Root Touch-up! Loooooooooove it! I was so afraid it would leave a dark streak or something over the grey where I wanted to touch it up. No way, it is awesome and I look 5 years younger. I highly recommend it for grey roots. I was so afraid to do anything, didn't want to mess up my hair. So I suffered until finally I got guts and took charge. Now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. My sister Becky picked the color and she was so dead on. You rock Bec.

Anyway, I have to go since my mom is coming to town tonight to watch J. My mom is the best. I made her some of my chicken salad that she likes. I will try to post the recipe this weekend. My other goals include 'shopping some pics and printing them out. Later on!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rough Morning

Another rough morning. I think it might be time to set up the big boy room even though most likely I'll be sleeping there awhile, I'd love something like this (see above). In my dreams and pottery barn kids showroom. I could really use some caffeine this morning, but alas, I don't have any. I don't drink coffee, or tea. I stopped drinking soda years ago, it's bad for your teeth, bones, and who needs the calories? I'm the only person I know who faces life this sober. While, besides my dog.

Here is my layout of the day. I would love to tell you how easy it was, but it wasn't. I guess some are like that, they have to beat the art out of us. I'm happy with the result, I just hate when I enter anal land of creating. I always know I am there because all the adhesive is gone off the stuff because I have moved it around so much.

Well, I have to go dye my grey stripes. Do you remember that woman from that movie poltergist with that stripe of grey? That's me. It took years to fight my way back to my natural color, only to find it was 20% grey. That's my luck.

Thanks to the friends who cont to support me, inspire me, and make me feel like it is all around worth it. Tomorrow is Friday, can't wait to put on my happy pants!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm so tired today, didn't get much sleep. The baby who is in constant motion is in constant motion in his sleep as well. But I did finish a layout last night, pretty quickly since I didn't use the computer. I think it is good to do that sometimes, just to finish something. I love this color blue, I'm very drawn to it. This is one of the first real milestone type layouts I have done, and I am excited to add it to the baby book.

I sometimes feel like a scrapbook schizophrenic when it comes to style. I just do whatever I like. I like to think of them as happy accidents, that I learn something with each layout that brings me closer to my true style. But, I refuse to be caged in by having to do things exactly the same all the time. Each and every layout is a chance to experiment and I'm going to take it.

In case you were interested, the Dow slide 370 points yesterday, on recession fears and the fact that the economy service-sectors like hotels, retailers, restuarants, are contracting (not growing, people not spending). But, the Fed will most likely slash interest rates again. How does that affect you? You won't make as much money in your savings accounts/money market accounts. Yeah, that will help the average person spend more. Just my 2 cents.

I entered to win the American Crafts giveaway, I love that stuff. Choose me, pick me, love me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Technical Difficulties

This almost the layout that wasn't. I tried to print the journaling last night on the pc, but the printer was out of ink. Today, I decided to try to tackle the Mac. I love the results, and I'm usually happy with how the Mac turns out. I just don't know why I need to have my feet held to the fire to go learn stuff on the Mac. I'm just stubborn I guess.

I found a pair of jeans at Old Navy, but I think I need a belt. Don't jeans shrink anymore? I ran into a friend at the foodstore while I looked all bummy. I just love that. I'm starting to feel like the Frumpy monster swallowed me whole. Is this what children do to you?

I've decided to try out for a design team, it's called Label Tulip. You can visit them at I think they have a really neat design for a website. That said, you should know I am the Susan Lucci of design teams, always nominated, never picked. But, I'm still going to cross my fingers. I just won't hold my breath, that didn't work out so well the last time.
Until tomorrow chicks!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Laid Plans

After the birthday bash weekend, I'm tired. We tried to find some jeans, but alas, 2 years of being pregnant and then post baby did not help this search. Now, basically I am a 125lb girl with a J-lo bootie, and that apparently did not help the search for jeans. Which leads me to revelation of the day, perhaps I need to spend more time exercising and less time cleaning up my house.

Right now, I had hoped to be scrapping. But, J didn't want to take a nap this morning. For the love of paper (now you know how that phrase was born). So everything is getting pushed back. I will be scrapping this evening instead. So, not to leave you hanging, I will post one last layout from a month ago until I can post new stuff tomorrow.

Congratulations to Stephanie Howell and her family. They had a baby girl 2/2 (almost my birthday!). Until tomorrow.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my last day unpacking/cleaning the house. I finished the very last box at lunchtime in the kitchen. I hate the last box of a move. I keep throwing all the other little things that I don't know where they go into that one box, and then I am left to try t o figure out what to do with it all. Normally it isn't trash or give away stuff either, like my dustbuster.

Today my family is coming for my birthday. That is punishment enough for being 32 I think. (just kidding mom). We are all spending the weekend together here. It is absolutely amazing to me that I have the house unpacked, and cleaned for company in less than 11 days. I could not have done it without my swifter. And a big shout out the magic eraser, you know how I love you too.

Since I didn't get a consensus, I decided to add an slightly older but much loved (about a month or so) layout today. I had a big computer snafu yesterday that destroyed my confidence about tackling the slide bar. I've had the best day with my little man, he is so snuggly. Not grumpy like in this picture. Thanks for the birthday hugs J.