Thursday, July 31, 2008

Odds and Ends

I didn't get to play with my punches, etc. last night. J was having a moment. But I did this one with some Cosmo Cricket Jack's World Patterned paper and Rub-ons, plus a Maya Road Heart and an American Craft thicker letter:

I didn't score the Ott lite either, apparently this was a really popular idea at Tuesday Morning and they sold out, in fact, on Tuesday Morning. I didn't get the flyer until Wednesday Morning, but sadly there were no points for trying.

I can't believe it's Thursday already, can't believe it's almost August already. Can't believe the Summer is nearly over already. While I take a minute here in disbelief, I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Honestly, that's the name of this patterned paper by Cosmo Cricket. I laugh every time I think about that name. Makes you wonder how they come up with the names. I wish they would do a behind the scenes where they explain them. More Cosmo rub-ons on here (I can't get enough) with some Making Memories Passport letters:

Well, I haven't cut my fingers (or my arm) off yet with the Tonic paper trimmer. And I'm klutzy like that, so no promises. When you run your hand over the blade, it's not really that sharp to touch but I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that thing with some speed on it. That's for the professional test dummies, do not try at home. I'm still learning how to line up the paper, it does cut straight if you omit user error. Unfortunately, user error appears to be a key part of my technique. I'm not in love yet, but there is potential.

Thinking about running up to Tuesday Morning today. They have Ott lamps on sale for $15, regularly $50. I sure could use that since my only light in this room after dark is a desk lamp. I went to Walmart Monday and got 2 Martha Stewart punches-a butterfly and a heart. I'm so excited about the heart, love that. Plus I finally found the cutting mat that goes with my Martha roller, and it works awesome. I'll post something tomorrow with it, love that thing. I was so disappointed after I spent $25 at Micheal's to get the cutter, get it home and it doesn't work without the mat. Went back to Micheal's and they didn't have the mat. Grrrr. I also walked around the card section in Walmart for a while, that always inspires me. So, feeling better.

J is still eating lots of rice, and is now using my corner rounder as his newest car. I don't know about you, but I always say Vrroom went I use that thing. :)
Happy Tuesday.

ETA: Jill at Memorable Seasons is getting all 3 of the new Cosmo Cricket packs in stock within a week, but she does have individual sheets to purchase now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stuck in a . . .

hole, plane, foreign country, bathroom?

Rut. I'm in a rut. I feel blah. Nothing to say. I blame this squarely on one person and one person alone. Case in point:

Dh: So what did J eat for lunch?
Me: Rice
Dh: And dinner?
Me: Chipotle (Rice and beans)
Me: And for desert he had a Rice crispy treat we got at the pool vending machine.

I couldn't make this stuff up. This food jag is maddening, and boring!
And ideas on how to get out of said rut would be most appreciated. :)
Note: Layout is one of my fav pieces of Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World-patterned paper and rub-on. Love the Cosmo rub-ons.
Have a great Monday!

Memorable Seasons has Cosmo Jack's World, Haunted, and Mr. Campy in stock now, at 15% off. (But you didn't hear it from me) Move along, nothing to see here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Golden Opportunity

My mom told me that a friend of ours is pregnant with her second child. Her first one was a girl, and her ultrasound this week shows she is having a boy. Additionally, that little boy will be born around the same time J was. They are moving to NYC, and are worried about the cost of everything. My mom told me she would accept any boy clothes I want to part with. A golden opportunity if ever there was one.

Except, I've been dragging my feet now for a couple of days. I didn't want to go through the baby stuff. I mean, J's only a year and a half. I figured I had time right? But, this morning I finally dragged out the boxes. And I figured I would give half to Kristy and keep the rest. Well, I didn't plan on 1/3 of everything having stains on it! Do you think those breastfeeding stains intensify with time because I don't remember so much stuff being stained? So, only 1/3 is going to Kristy, basically the new stuff that I have no sentimental attachment to. I know this is silly, but I'm not ready to let it go. What are the odds I keep telling myself, of me having another baby, the same sex, born at that same time? I'm just not ready. I did grab one of my favorite outfits of J's with these shoes and put this together. It's a frame box from PB, as is the clothing:

Of course, this only seems to make it harder to let go of stuff. Ridiculous uh?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Such Randomness

In the last 48 hours, I have spent about a day with no AC. We were told by the repairman that the capacitor got fried by lightening. Does this happen a lot, ever happen to you? Just seemed like a hard story to swallow. I read in the newspaper that some people are voluntarily going without AC to save money. I can say after involuntarily participating in this science experiment, I don't think I will be doing that. It's hard as the mother of a young child, I hardly ever sit down for very long and that makes it way hotter without the AC.

Yesterday I sliced up my legs shaving, I mean huge chunks of skin were missing. I was bleeding from every joint-knees, ankles. I guess I got a bad razor or something. It's the kind of thing that when I go into my office and look at my surgery certification hanging on the wall I think, seriously?

Here is some color with SC July Kit and add-ons:

Lastly, I was grateful for the responses to the Iraq layout. Some of the responses surprised me, the reactions were very strong, visceral almost. And I'm reminded of what Dave Matthews says about sharing your art/music, he says: "Once you share your art/song, it's not really yours anymore. It can be used and interpreted however the audience wants do to. That is their freedom, just as you had freedom in creating it." So true. I love Dave Matthews, even if he did go to UVA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moody Tuesday

We barely made it in from the food store before it started raining. It's dark and storming here. I guess it is as good a time as any to discuss this:

Another layout made with the studio calico July kit-My Mind's Eye, Making Memories, etc with Daisy D stitches tape runner and American Crafts punctuation.

The background is this: (names/places vague to protect the soldiers and their families, and the mission)

On 10/11/2005 my dh was the captain of a small unit that was conducting a mission late at night in Iraq. Their vehicle exploded when an IED detonated. My dh's driver M was killed instantly, their gunner K was critically wounded, and my dh was trapped in the burning vehicle. By some miracle, the wreckage shifted and he was able to crawl out. He suffered serious and severe burns and he had a bad injury to his right knee.

I would receive that news stateside on 10/12/05 due to the time difference. I had been so anxious all weekend, it was like I knew something horrible was going to happen and I was unable to stop it. I never got the chance to tell my dh that, he didn't call before the mission. I would see him a week later in the burn unit at San Antonio TX. His recovery was long, and painful. But today he just has the scars.

We both deal with survivor's guilt, which is weird because it hits us when things are going well. K is permanently disabled, but he lived. We attended several funerals and memorial services for M. His wife is just the sweetest, and I hurt and pray for her every day. I know that if that IED had been a little more to the center of the vehicle or if the wreckage hadn't shifted, that I would have joined her as a widow. If it had been more to my dh's side of the vehicle, well, maybe she would have had the family she always wanted with her dh and she would be praying for me daily. That is what the layout is about.

Anyway, sorry to take you to my dark and twisty place. Let's never go there again shall we? On a lighter note, I have found the color in the SC kit, can't wait to share some colorful layouts with you next time. If I haven't scared you off.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Blessed and Lucky

I am. Completely, in every way.
I'm married to a wonderful man, my friend, my husband, my love.
My dh and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week. We went to Fishbone grill and had an amazing meal. (Sometimes I wonder if I should change the title of the blog to For the love of Food, but I digress.) So, he turns to me during dinner and says:

T: What is the 9th year anniversary gift, the traditional one?
To which I say: (giggle, giggle) Paper?
T: Seriously? You are kidding right?
D: (giggle, giggle)
T: In your world it's always paper isn't it?
D: (LOL)
T: (shakes head and laughs) Ok then.

He makes me laugh and incessently giggle. I showed him this layout, to which he replied: "Postcards from the Edge?" And I giggled some more. After the sleep issues last week, it could be. :)

And here is another for the 5 product challenge at Studio Calico. Both layouts from the July Via Airmail kit with Venice add-on:

I worked with my studio calico kit all weekend. It was easier and harder than I thought. The colors are so muted, subtle. Something. But, that's why I like Studio Calico, it forces me out of my otherwise cozy box. But, um, I miss my box. :( And I'm working on getting some pics of dh and I to scrap. It's hard because one of us usually takes the picture, so I have to set up the tripod and keep the dog and wild child out of the shot. It's kind of a zoo. But our last together photo is from 2005, right before his injury. That's too long. I scrapped a page about Iraq finally, will share next time. I don't think PTSD mixes well with anniversary and giggles. Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking sharp

Up until now, I feel like I've had a good relationship with my Carl trimmer I got from Office Max, 3 years ago. It needs blades very infrequently, but it need cutting strips or mats often. I go through a package of 2 in a months time, quicker when I scrap more. Well, I couldn't find the replacement mats at any of the local office supply stores. So I went online, only to find that even though I had been buying them for $4 for 2, online now they are $13 for 2. That's a lot. I'm not sure if these are made of oil or natural gas or something? I don't have any good reason for the huge increase in price. But when I did the math, I was looking at $150 per year easy for cutting mats. That's a lot of Thickers my friends.

And so, I decided to spend less than a 1/3 of that on this:

I'm hoping this cuts straight and even. It would be a dream come true for me, no parts to replace. Do you have this? Do you love it? I hope I made the right decision, so many options!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It has been a bad week. I could try to pretend otherwise, but I'm just too tired for that. After 3 nights of J not sleeping, and 4 days of J not eating well, I was sorely in need of an intervention. I needed to push the reset button on this child. I've been trying to go to the grocery store for 2 days, without success. Yesterday I ate a frozen shrimp appetizer for lunch, that is how bad I needed to go to the store. I was also at the point where I was yelling because I was so tired. He finally dissolved into hysterics around lunchtime yesterday, and took a 3 hour nap. And so did I. It was a turning point, thankfully.

I decided that we needed a mid-week intervention. And I'm very grateful that I don't have the kind of problems that can't be fixed with guacamole. So we ate out at Chipotle, which we never do during the week. I feel compelled to tell you that I have no connection with this establishment other than that of a satisfied customer. Maybe a little too satisfied, as in I crave it day and night. Makes me wonder what they put in that stuff. J ate his entire bol, and I felt that the reset button had been proverbially pushed. Last night was better, not perfect, but an improvement. Is this normal for children to overnight become picky eaters? He isn't just picky, he eats 2 bites and he is done. It's like he has no appetite for anything. He doesn't seem sick or ill otherwise. I'm utterly stumped.

If you have put up with this post thus far, you deserve something good. Here are the layouts from the I inspire me blog guest spot I did. I have some new on the table now, just need to stay away during a nap time to finish them.

Susan Beth said that her husband tells her that they were awake for 5 years with their child and he is still to this day tired. Isn't it a shame that we are all too sleep deprived to fully enjoy our young children? Good thing I've got lots of pictures.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Tuesday, but I have had so little sleep in the past 48 hours, it doesn't really matter. I'm delirious I'm sure. Why don't children want to sleep? It seems so natural, and yet it eludes J. That's definitely one of those questions I'm asking my maker someday, just because I have to know.

My stuff has been shipped, bound for CHA! If you are there, please stop by the Cosmo Cricket booth and check everything out. Leah made some amazing layouts and Maren made some cool cards. I'll add some links when I can focus better. Here is a project that will be at the booth (see we don't have to go to CHA to have a good time!):

This is a Cosmo Cricket Memory Box, covered with Jack's World. It's got primary colors on every side (red, yellow, blue and green) and the patterned paper on top. I added (stapled) the Jack's world scalloped yellow ribbon because I didn't want everyone damaging the top opening it (yeah, I know what they do to stuff at CHA, but I had to try.) I covered the hole in the top, because it was kind of delicate and girly and this was a Boy's box for his treasures (I added the journaling tab that said that to the top) with the little alligator Cosmo Blackboard. The alligator has adhesive on the back now (awesome) and it will have it's own diecut colored top with adhesive (super awesome!):

And in case you are wondering why there is an arm in the picture, well, J loves this box and I can't keep him away from it. I promised him that since this one had to go to CHA, I would make him another just like it. I was surprised just how much he liked it, I know kids love storage for their collections. I love that you can personalize it with whatever they are into.

Plus, as promised, here is the link to the 4 (yes 4) new Scribble Scrabble Lines being released this summer. Cynthia is not at CHA though, so any inquires or orders should be directed to the website (see DT side bar) with the contact us link. Awesome stuff, no?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cosmo peeks

Thank you all so much for your congratulations. I really appreciate them. Laura and Davinie, my uber talented finalist peeps that I was hoping would also make the team, know that I think you are amazing and that I know good things are in store for you both.

I have been hard at work for CHA, I've finished 6 layouts and an altered project in 3 days. That's why I've been such a slacker about blogging. Here are some things for your viewing pleasure:

Cosmo Cricket Jack's World line:

Cosmo Cricket Haunted Line:

Cosmo Cricket Campy Line:

I keep changing my mind on my favorite line. I think the Haunted line is genius, the colors are amazing and so different from any other Halloween/Fall line I've ever seen. Campy has some really neat reds, greens and blues though, which I love so then I think I like that one the best. But when I play with the primary colors of Jack's world, then I think I'm in heaven. So, can they all be my favorite? Is that possible?

I had an awful thing happen to my Studio Calico kit. It looks like my box suffered severe shipping damage. When I saw it on the porch, I was like Arrggh, there is Paper in there man! I was afraid to open it. I've been trying to reshape the edges, having some success. So, before SC revokes my membership (although I'd be in good company huh Lisa?), I'll get to making and posting some layouts as soon as my paper unwrinkles.

More peeks of Cosmo cricket soon, plus I should have some peeks of Scribble Scrabble for you next post as well! Hope you are having a great weekend! It will take me a little bit to visit everyone, I'm having an awful time seeing the security codes. It makes me think I need glasses when I have my nose pressed up against the screen trying to determine if that is an j or an i? Just an example: sdhidijijidhdjjdisozjzd

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Really, that's the last one!

I swear. I'm out of secrets. That Cosmo Cricket asked me to join their design team, that's the last one I promise! So so happy! Making layouts like mad for CHA. Getting to know Leah and Maren really well. Loving the Haunted, Jack and Campy lines. Pinching myself a lot.

Don't worry, Be happy

Worried? Don't be.
I have layouts for you today!
Go here: Guest Designer for I Inspire Me Blog.
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bling baby

Do not adjust your computer screen. I absolutely did do an evil thing to those AC thickers. But as the mother of a boy, I don't get to bling much. Ok, I never get to bling. I saw my opportunity and I took it!

Scenic Route Liberty with Kaiser Crafts Rhinestones for Memorable Seasons:

I'm caught up now though on 4th of July layouts. Good thing too, clearly the red, white and blue is making me punchy.

A secret no longer: Nic Howard sent me an email this weekend telling me that I won the Queen and Company Summer contest link. The design team said such nice things about my page! It is one of my very favorites. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The best laid plans

My 4th of July weekend didn't turn out like I was expecting. Here is what happened:

Jul 3 Evening People very excited for the fireworks start setting them off around 8pm, which sends my dog into fits and wakes up the baby. I spend the rest of the evening comforting both. No scrapping gets done.

Jul 4 It rains off and on all day! Especially the key times-lunchtime/early afternoon, dinnertime/later afternoon, and at 7pm. Thunder and lightening. I lost power, no scrapping. But hey, no fireworks either!

Jul 5 Evening Sitting down to scrap when the over eager fireworks zealots start setting off their huge stash of fireworks that they didn't get to play with last night. Dog barks, baby wakes, comforting begins, repeat. Ok, seriously, where do these people come from? Of course no scrapping.

But tonight there was scrapping, thank you for your patience while I got to the point. Here is the layout explaining the rain, the few pics were taken during the 2 hours of sun we had all day. Scenic Route Liberty for Memorable Seasons:

This is one more I scrapped just real quick with Cosmo Cricket's Halfway cafe:

The finalists are supposed to hear something tomorrow. I feel lucky in that I made 7 layouts out of the deal, which is a lot more than I had before. And I'm incredibly honored to have been chosen as one of the 12 out the hundreds of people who applied. I do have some news that I can't tell yet, hopefully soon. I can't keep a secret to save my life, just as my better half.

And questions. I didn't forget.
Jen asked "How does a hokie become a pug?" Only after many years of marriage does that happen! I'm impressed that you got vt=hokie. Most people think I'm from Vermont, or that I'm a vet. vtpuggirl = these are a few of my favorite things.

Jen M. asked me answer these:
Ten years ago:
I was returning from studying Art and Architecture in Switzerland. Long story.

Five things on today's "to do list":
1. Pay bills
2. grocery shop
3. do something with all the baby stuff I've acquired
4. Finish laundry
5. buy new comforter cover

Snacks I enjoy:
Chocolate - I don't discriminate.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
There is nothing I would do differently. Maybe take a few more vacations.

Places I have lived:
Too many to ever name. I could fill a book.

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cosmo Binge

I have been waiting for the Cosmo Cricket that I ordered to play with and it arrived yesterday afternoon. I was so excited that after J went to bed I made these:

This paper is from the CC Gretel collection:

And this combines old and new. I used Newer CC Cogsmo Paper with the Halfway Cafe die cut Swirl, Heart and Naked Chipboard Heart Outline. You can stamp that chipboard any color, if you don't like it just wipe it off and start again. This heart was every color of the rainbow including white and black at one point:

And this is using my favorite CC paper line, Get Happy:

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, I would like to answer a few questions, if you leave me a question I will answer it. I love questions! I have been a scrapper for 5 years, however, in 10/05 my husband was injured and nearly killed in Iraq. I didn't scrap for almost 2 years due to his rehab, I got pregnant, we moved 3 times, etc. So, I have only been scrapping again since Christmas of this year (6 months?). I almost have 100 layouts for J's book, not total. I have 2 albums I did before the accident. I say accident but it was an IED blast, clearly not accidental. I struggle with what happened, but that is for another day. Not a beautiful sunshiny day like today. Hope everyone who is traveling stays safe, have a great holiday. I'll be working on some more Halfway cafe to post tomorrow or Friday. See you then!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Is it Wednesday all ready? Yesterday was insane, had to take the baby to the doctor's for shots, and we went food shopping.I did back up my gazillion photos on an external hard drive last week, so that when the storms came last night I didn't panic. I laughed. External hard drive $150, piece of mind = priceless.

Without further ado (because I hate ado):
I was sent Halfway Cafe by Cosmo Cricket; Monday night it arrived at my door.
This is my 4th of July layout, I love the non-traditional reds and blues on this. (Abstract art on the heart, or Danielle sick and tired of trying to tie slippery string and just slapped on there. You be the judge.)

And this is a layout I've been meaning to do forever, but couldn't find the right paper. That paper just feels like a comfy quilt to me.

And last is a Summer layout, J being a boy and getting dirty. I cut up the journaling cards and used them in a bunch of ways with the diecuts and rub-ons. I inked the letter (was beige) a burnt sienna and now it reminds me of real wood:

The colors in the halfway cafe are so rich. I love that. If you have a moment, make sure you comment on the Cosmo Cricket blog to win some of their new paper line being released soon.

I'm so happy to have 3 more layouts to add to J's book. I'm planning to buy an album when I reach 100 pages, not long now at all. I'll have more projects tomorrow, until then don't forget the sunscreen (don't even ask).