Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, the gas logs installation did not go well. Instead of enjoying the fireplace, both dh and I are so mad we hardly go in the living room and no one has turned the thing on. It's too long of a story, and to the companies' credit they are still trying to sort out all the problems. The best laid plans I guess. At least it didn't snow much. :)
Listening to Lady Gaga while I scrap lately. Now mind you I never said I had good taste in music, so take that for what it is worth I guess. And in the event that you go from here to google her videos, be sure to do so with no children in the room-adult themed for sure. Some of my favorites--Poker face, Just Dance, Bad romance.
Just realized I should have paid more attention to my spelling and less to the music while I made this one:
I'm nearly obsessed with that Studio Calico butterfly stamp, it's so detailed and gorgeous. I want to use it on everything, appropriate or not. Kind of like Lady Gaga. :) I know it looks simple, but this layout has 2 pieces of patterned paper (the background from American crafts Valentine collection), AC rub-ons, AC Marquise thickers, JBS stick pin, Maya road chipboard heart and the SC stamp.
Well off to start the weekend! Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cold but Sneaky

Sorry for being an inconsistent blogger this past week, I've had a lot of scrapping assignments and that has taken all my free time it seems.
Dh and I purchased gas logs for our living room last weekend. We are tired of winter. I suspected that this would make the temperature rise to at least 70 degrees, as this is my luck. Or I'd be nice and toasty for the reminder of the stupid winter. I figured either way winter was over for me and I could celebrate. :) Never underestimate the universes' ability to kick your butt. More snow storms are scheduled for tonight and tomorrow, wondering now if my gas logs installation is in fact, cancelled for tomorrow morning. :( :(
On the upside, I loved, loved, loved the March Cocoa Daisy kit! I almost can't stop myself and I need to, I have other things to do. It was as if I was right there with Tricia at CHA and she asked me what I wanted in the kit. This is the kit I would have put together myself, if I did those kinds of things. :) I have 4 layouts already, and a mini album with 13 pages. I know right? It's got new Jenni bowlin (how I love thee Jenni), Sass Cherry Delicious/Apple Jack, Studio Calico Anthology (omg) and even some new Jillibean Soup (a recently discovered love). How could you go wrong with the brilliant colors and graphic nature of these goodies? Here are some sneaks:

And here are a few of my mini:

And if you'd like to win a Cocoa Daisy shirt like you see here (Tricia is in the middle):
Two lucky winners will each win a t-shirt (and some fun scrapbook products for good measure)! Just leave a comment on the Daisy Diva blog post before the next Monday and tell us what you think might be coming your way in the Cocoa Daisy March kit. I am really looking forward to my Cocoa Daisy shirt, can't wait until that comes with the next kit! The reveal for the March kit is Feb. 27th.
I recognize this does not get me off the hook. I'm looking forward to focusing on American crafts for the rest of the week, I'll be back. Happy Wednesday! Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little bit of Randomness

Wow, how the time gets away from me here lately. What we've been up to since last week:
1. Lots of snow. No mail or trash pick up. That's been lots of fun. The UPS man finally broke a dry spell of nearly 2 weeks of no mail or packages yesterday. He brought me American crafts Botanique, I do and Heat wave! Lots of new thickers, embellishments, & beautiful papers (see Paige's blog here, I can't do it any better than that.) We will get Dear Lizzy and Abode in a a few weeks. Love, love the AC Winter CHA releases. This company is so good to us! Here is one from Valentine's day with the AC Valentine's line:
J is wearing an apron from a baking set my mom got at Target for $5. So cute. Dh asked me when he saw this page if J was wearing a dress. :) No dude, apron.
2. Updating my new address and phone number with the whole world. I guess this is a right of passage. I didn't know the phone number or the zip code prior to last week, now I have it committed to memory. I made my dog a new tag at Petsmart, but I messed up the phone number. :P Guess I'll be re-doing that here soon.
3. I completed 11 hours of continuing medical education, logged them and renewed my medical licenses with several states. It's a daunting process, not hard just tedious. Lots of forms. Changing my address again. :)
4. Laughing at God's sense of humor. One of the main selling points of this house for me was the fenced-in backyard. However, since we moved in it is completely filled with snow, even now. Over 3 feet still! So, my little old pug can't even use/enjoy it. We both fell on the ice yesterday on the driveway. At least he can blame it on his age/arthritis. I have no good excuses except klutziness.
5. I got tired of waiting for the mail, so I took letters and a package to the post office yesterday. Only to find they were closed for the holiday. They have been closed for a week and a half, and they got the holiday too. So, that's pretty much been my week in a nutshell (frustrating)--trying to track down people who don't show up for work anymore because it snowed, trying to go out to eat only to find it takes an over an hour to get somewhere because of "snow removal," and trying to send and receive mail only to find the post office never working/delivering/or open. Yep, trying to accomplish much will just leave you tearing your hair out so I'm just breathing deeply and moving on to more enjoyable topics.
6. Like organizing. I spent the weekend organizing my closet. This was really hard for me, I had lightly used kits from a year ago in there and I really didn't want to bust them up. But it was time, it was time to put the papers I still loved in the stash and embellishments in the container and to let the rest of it go. I'm glad I did it, and it was fun to discover things I had forgotten. But it was a lot of work organizing and sorting (and putting in the give away pile). Now I feel like I'm ready for the new CHA releases coming, the March Cocoa Daisy kit should be here any time (anytime you feel like it postman.) I also organized my stamp collection on the advice of Reyanna like this:
She works at the container store and is very knowledgeable about organizing. Very happy that my stamps are organized, thank you for that suggestion. Happy Tuesday to you! Until tomorrow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Postcards from the edge

If by the edge you think I mean Canada, but you'd be mistaken. :) What happened to global warming? I was kind of looking forward to wearing shorts all year round. :) Still here, just freezing cold. It looks peaceful enough, but that 3 feet of snow has gridlocked the town. And there is another 10-20 inches on the way, it will be here tomorrow afternoon. Too.much.snow.

He still loves it though. I should be scrapping with all this extra time I have, but I am chasing more practical matters, such as trying to actually get to a food store that is open and has things to buy. I did find one today, and we are stocked up again for the next round of winter weather.
I've been working on continuing medical education and medical state licensing requirements these past few days. And of course taking lots of pictures. Hope to scrap something soon. Happy Monday! Until tomorrow, or 5 more feet of snow, whichever comes first. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Fatigue, RAK winner

Omitting the one deleted comment, I drew out of 22 comments and the RAK goes to:

Congratulations! The good news, you may take the weekend to email me (my addy is in the paragraph under my photo on the right). The bad news, it may be a little while until I can dig out to go to the post office. We are expecting 2 feet of snow this weekend!

You know, I used to really like snow. It only happened about twice a year-once in Dec around Christmas and once in Jan. And that's it. And I really looked forward to the photos, those were so fun. After having snow nearly every week for going on 3 months, sometimes like this week-3 times already, I'm just over it. And having had nearly 3 feet Dec. 19th, and now with another 2 feet coming this weekend, I'm more than over it. We still have snow on the ground from the last storm-I mean covering the front and backyard (no grass showing).
Where I live isn't set up to get snow like this, it paralyzes the entire area for days. The food stores were cleaned out within the past 48 hours. It's kind of mass hysteria on a regular basis anymore and it's difficult to keep your pantry stocked when the snow comes 3 times a week. Can you tell I've just had it? He hasn't though, it's always a magical event for him:
Trying to see it this weekend threw his eyes. Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Driving-by, a RAK and hi!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, you've overwhelmed me! Here is the other page I was telling you about. I like that the Cocoa Daisy Memphis Belle kit can be theme-y or not. J was walking around with cake mix (he wanted me to make the kind with the sprinkles and hearts) and said Pea Balentine, K? = Happy Valentine's day. I think. :) He has adjusted to the move very well, we had a lot of time to talk about it, to come over and play at the house for a few hours a day before we lived here, so it's all been very gradual and worked out really well.
I found the box with the stuff for the RAK I had been looking for, and it had clearly been a while since I looked in that box. I grabbed a few 7Gypsies and Prima flowers (because they are timeless and never go out of style) and that's it. So I have one flat rate postage box full of current paper, etc. to give away. Unless you don't care that the paper isn't from the last year, if that is the case, please leave me a comment and tell me you want the older stuff for yourself, school, organization, etc. and I'll be happy to mail off the second box to you with the older items. Otherwise, I'll just donate that locally and save the second box flat rate box for the next round of giveaway.

Here is what I have:
Please US participants only, to send it over seas it's $43. What's up with that? Doesn't the post office know that the net unites us and the postal rates divide? Sorry internationals, I really am. Please leave me a comment about how you celebrate Valentine's day (let's keep it clean). :) I'd particularly love to hear what you do for or with your kids that is fun. Apparently I'm making another cake/cupcakes. :) I'll draw a winner Friday morning.

Until then I'll be enjoying the snow, and the snow, and more snow. Happy Wednesday, until tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Memphis Belle

The Cocoa Daisy Feb kit called Memphis Belle went up for sale at midnight last night. This kit just had so much stuff-buttons, glitter tags, 2 alphas, mist and stencils, metal and canvas, the new Pink Paislee cupid and so so much more. Definitely one of my favorites so far. I have at least one more finished layout to upload (the sun got away from me yesterday). Here's what I made with the main kit, and the add-ons Betty Grable and Ava Gardner:
That Prima paper is almost too pretty to use. I thought about just framing it, and it physically hurt me to cut it but it was the right thing to do. :) The design was from how the Prima paper was packaged, I just loved the stripe of teal in there and there was a paper in the paper add-on that was a similar teal so I decided to go for it. I used an old CM border ruler I found in the move. Look at that, moving was good for something! :)
This kit uses the main kit paper, alphas and Tim hotlz embellishment with the add-ons in Betty Grable-that making memories brown glitter circle, the borders by GCD, and the Pink paislee alphas. I love, love those borders, can't say enough about how much I love that add-on. It also has Making memories flowers (I'll post my layout tomorrow, you'll see what I mean), the prima teal flowers and the 7 gypsies gaffer tape in ledger/script. :)
On this one I decided to cut up the ribbon for something different. I really like how it turned out, and it's fun to do. So very imperfect. All papers from the main kit. :)
And this is my ode to Kiesha Campbell. No, I didn't scraplift any one layout, but I believe I channeled her essence. I used smaller than normal photos, the placement of the flower and tried to make my page symmetrical (I failed miserably at that, but I tried.) That's me and J reading a book together. Love those photos of him, me not so much. :)

I ran out of butter for my cake, so I'm running to the food store. It's my birthday today and there shall be cake! I'll add another layout tomorrow, and hopefully have this RAK thing sorted out. I have to find that box. . . Happy Monday! Until tomorrow.