Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy, busy

I have taken the last two nights off from scrapping. Life happens and I was so wiped out that I went to bed early on Friday, and then Sat I was spending time with my better half. But, I just finished a layout, will upload tomorrow. Right now I thought I'd give Ali Mclaughlin's challenge a try:

Five things that...

Fascinate me

1. The ups and downs of the stock market
2. Celebrity gossip
3. The news on tv
4. Paper and stickers
5. Decorating

Inspire me

1. Beautiful photos
2. Songs
3. Truth/honesty
4. Color
5. Fashion

Anger me

1. Injustice
2. Bullying
3. Lying
4. Abuse of anyone, women, men, elders, children or animals
5. Crime

Confuse me

1. War
2. Road Rage
3. Piercing anything besides your ears (ouch)
4. Snobbery
5. Directions

Delight me

1. My family
2. My child
3. My dog
4.My friends
5. My life

Amaze me

1. Pregnancy/child birth
2. Medical miracles
3. People who never give up
4. Science
5. Life

Sadden me

1. People driven by hate (terrorists)
2. Poverty
3. Not taking advantage of good opportunities/advice
4. Death
5. Missing anyone I love

Fullfill me

1. Having a career
2. Being a Mom, wife
3. Taking care of a home/family
4. Creating art
5. Being needed

Frighten me

1. Sharks
2. Unexpectedly discovering bugs
3. Scary movies
4. Forgetting something important
5. People sneaking up on me

Relax me

1. Reading books
2. Drinking hot chocolate or apple cider
3. Candles
4. Petting my dog
5. Scrapbooking

Now it's your turn! Pass it on!


ali mclaughlin said...

Loved reading your list Danielle!

Kazan said...

Yay - so glad I know a bit more about you. Think I will give this one a shot - but have to give it some thought.