Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blessed, I'm just so blessed.

Today I feel so lucky. I have a wonderful husband, a great kid, awesome friends. Of course a wonderful slobbering dog. I really could not ask for much more. Here is my latest. I'm moving on into those toddler pages.

Today I have been sorting stuff to give to charity. Did you know if you donate to the Vietnam Vet Association they will come pick it up at your house? I love that! I know the cool thing to do is to sell it on the internet, but I'd rather give it to people/an organization that needs it and take it off the taxes.

Some things I have been reading on the paper front:

1. Wall Street Journal: Credit crunch is getting worse, student loans in Michigan are denied or on hold. No funds for school? That sucks!

2. Sandra Lee's Slower cooker cookbooks 1 and 2. They are awesome, good and easy. Like mom used to make.

3. Sandra Boynton's Barnyard dance, Bellybutton Book, Pajama book to J of course. If you don't know kid's books (I happen to have a minor in English so I do), she is just the coolest. I wish they would make a tv show about her stuff. Goodnight Moon, at nauseum. :P

4. Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for life, it's about personal finance. I don't agree with everything in it, but I think he is just the coolest. We luv Jimmy at my house. Every night at dinner time we are like, Jimmy's on!

I'll try to figure out how to add these books to the side bar. I was asked yesterday to do something scrappy related and I'm so very excited that someone thought enough of my work to ask me. Secrets, so exciting.


janel said...

:) :) :)

DebW said...

Hey Danielle! Great idea for the crock pot books! Gotta get my own!Haven't used mine in ages!!
Love the LO!
Visit me sometime too!