Thursday, February 14, 2008

For the love of hearts

Not that she would ever visit, but in the event that you do, Heidi Swapp, is there anyway you could make a heart punch or stamp or something? Help a girl out! I haven't played with paper hearts like this since I was in grade school. But it was fun. I do love those HS hearts.

Valentine's day, Happy Birthday Dad! I almost forget to call him every year, it's so crazy busy on V-day. Today I am making a cake for my sweethearts. I love cake and there really doesn't need to be a reason. I just baked a yellow cake with bits of tiny hersey's kisses in it, will frost with rich chocolate iicing. I lick the batter from the spoon too, even though I know better, even though I did get Salmonella poisoning once. It's a small risk, the pay off is worth the price.

I do (heart) you J and T. Happy Valentine's day everyone! Be happy, do something fun.


janel said...

Well, this is my new favorte layout of yours. It is such a gorgeous photo of the boys, and the black and white is perfect.
happy valentine's day to you!

janel said...

Opps, I mean FAVORITE

Jen said...

I love this layout. It's just so eye-catching. Wonderful.

Marie Starr said...

Great layout! Great design and colors!