Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Monday morning all! I'm trying to get myself together, but confused as to what I need to do (this is normal). I imagine this is what my dog feels like, he goes into a room and can't remember why he is there.

This past weekend the 3 of us went out to eat. Now, that might not seem very exciting to you. But, we haven't been out to eat in public in forever. We usually get it to go. It's really hard with J. He just wants to get down and run around normally, has since he was 5 months old. But he was really good yesterday, sat in his chair and flirted with the little girl baby across the way. I don't think either of them ate much.

I'm anxiously waiting on my paper package, can't wait to use some new stuff!! I have so many ideas. I know that some of you emailed me your concerns, and really I am fine with the DT thing. Don't worry. I can take it. Really, it's only time to worry when I stop scrapping. Here is my latest: (see pic)

I'm hoping to meet up with a scrapping friend this weekend, the only one I know in this area. I'm very excited about that.
PS pharmgirl I left a message on your blog


Vee said...

gorgeous page!! sorry you didn't make the dt, but keep trying and creating! :) your work is beautiful! ;)

Lisa Turley said...

I agree - beautiful page. And definitely don't get discouraged! Keep creating!

ali mclaughlin said...

Sorry about the team.. keep trying! Lookimg forward to meetin you soon.. let me know about Sunday!

janel said...

Checking in and loving this new creation! Have a great evening...and now that you have found freedom in eating out, remember, practice makes perfect! :)

betsy said...

Love your page! So nice to 'meet' you! We have a lot in common!