Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cocoa Daisy Coffee House

This is a very fun and apparently very popular kit from Cocoa Daisy for March. This kit goes on sale to the public March 1, but subscribers have had the weekend to choose their add-ons, etc.

My pages for the month are a total of 5. I was hoping to have even more, but we had to end our creative time a little early this month due to it being a short month. I'm still going to be using it in the near future, can't get enough of it!
A Snow day page using the main kit, patterned paper add-on, and the button from add-on Caramel Macchiato:
I have a lot of photos of J in that red jacket, bare with me. :) This one I was listening to Pink's new song F--kin perfect. I wrote in my own handwriting and stuck inside the envelope-pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel, like you're less than, you are perfect. Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel like you're nothing, you are perfect to me. I love (underlined, LOVED) those Hambly ink spot rub-ons. I didn't use tons, but I love them, my favorite thing this month from add-on Chocolate Sprinkles. And the Maya Road envelopes from the Main kit, must get more of them. Note to self. :) The label stickers, alphas, paper, etc. is from the main kit, paper from the patterned paper add-on.
This journaling is too funny, my 4 year old doesn't want to be anything when he grows up but little. I love that. Everything but the tag is from the main kit. The 7 gypsies tag is from the add-on Caramel Macchiato.
Another snow page, it's been such a strange and cold month here. Using the patterned paper add-on Black with 2 sugars for the paper/tags, the main for the alphas and clip, and the Caramel Macchiato add-on for the MME lost and found buttons. LOVE those too.
Lastly, kind of a hybrid for me. I don't sew. Printed the background stitching and added some punches and used the Basic grey glazed brads/punched holes from the tags from the add-on Spiced Chai. and added just a little bit of patterned paper from the main kit.
Did I get all the add-ons? No, surprisingly right? I passed on Cafe Ole because I am mist and mist resist impaired, but I thought long and hard about doing so. You must see my friend Ronda's page in her gallery, I thought that was a great use of that add-on.

Ok, off to use this kit more. Was this too much information, not enough, just right? Happy (probably) Monday to you! Until tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scraproom Revisited

Don't know about you, but I love to look at other people's creative spaces. I recognize I'm very lucky to share this spare bedroom/office/guest room with my scrap stuff. :) Go ahead, say it three times fast. :) Kidding, anyway, for this installment I had a 4 yr old who wanted more than anything to play the bubble guppies game I found on Nick Jr. (meaning, he wasn't going anywhere during the photos.) This is the view from the doorway, I love all the windows. I'm still trying to make up my mind on the curtains. ???
My dh built the cubes with the canvas bins for me, my first ever piece of scrappy furniture. And I'd have had him make all of it, but he is really busy with his work, so Ikea it was. Those frames are from hobby lobby and they hold some of the very first paper I ever received from my first ever design team gig, My Daughter's Wish. I don't think the company is around anymore, but the paper is very pretty in real life. I should have taken a close up. Oops.
Clip it up shot. I love my clip it up. Got it with a birthday gift card to Amazon last year. It holds my favorite alphas, the rest are in a box in the closet. I may get rid of those in the future.
Other side of the room, Ikea shelf hold my albums and books. The couch folds out into a bed for guests and the pillows/bedding is stored underneath.
One of my favorite things in the room, a digital photo frame. I love to watch it play when I'm uninspired, it always makes me smile and know that I have memories that I haven't recorded yet. The wall hangings are from Pottery barn, on sale with another birthday gift card. (This room has taken years people!) :)
Look, my boards are all clean, for the moment. Someone just realized I was taking pictures. Ha!
To the closet. Where I store my kits. I have one overflow bin in the Ikea shelf for paper. The rest is in here. All the Cocoa Daisy kits are on the right, Studio Calico on the left. Don't hurt yourself, the newest Cocoa Daisy wasn't in there when I took the photos. :)
At the top there is some cardstock, finished pages, tackle boxes holding small embellishments. To the left, all that cardboard you see is American crafts tape runners in boxes. I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. And lastly a close up of the kits, each month on a shelf.
That's it for the 2011 version of my scraproom. I'll be back with Cocoa Daisy March sneaks soon. Happy President's day to you! Until tomorrow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Up until the bitter end

Sorry, I had no idea so many were following the DMV saga so closely. My apologies. :) More DMV nonsense:

1. The DMV sits on a corner of a busy street, which means there are multiple ways in and out of it. And I was cut off 3 times and lost my parking space twice by 8 am. Why would people behave this way at a place where they could take your license? Odd.
2. The place looks and acts like an airport. It's cold and not-so-sterile. My 4 year old asked me repeatedly if we were going on a plane. To which I replied with "I wish."
3. At the counter next to me a woman was sobbing and screaming loudy. Who says there's no crying at the DMV? [Note: Not enough room here to post all that drama.]
4. At the counter I show my: social security number, old driver's license, marriage certificate, passport, utility bill, mortgage statement, military Id, my first born, and a band-aid from the paper cuts I've gotten collecting all this together. What I get is . . . a piece of paper stating I have a temporary license and my "real" license will take 7-14 days to get to me by mail. Funny, they collected "real" money from me for said paper.
5. Lastly, and I really think this just adds insult to injury, the license gets here. And it's the most God-awful shade of pale purple I've ever seen. I mean I gagged and silently wondered whose bright idea that was. (No one looks good against pale purple, ick.) And I'm a girl! Can't wait to see what my dh thinks of that. He renews later this year. Ha! :)
Thus ends another bitter tale of the DMV until 2017. And the moral of the story is to renew online if at all possible (not possible in my case, new to the state. Thank you so much for that Uncle Sam, really sometimes it's just all I can do.) Good night kids! Until tomorrow.