Monday, February 18, 2008

Just another monday

My to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds, probably because I don't actually do any of the things on the list. I keep trying to show the list who is boss, but the list sometimes kicks my butt. Here is my latest, trying to keep things soft because it's for the baby book. However, my better half does not like the pink hearts. I don't guess that the mother's of little girls have this problem. It seems like every layout I do is being evaluated for whether or not it is masculine enough. It's a baby layout, it's supposed to be all warm and goo-y. I hate that I'll be limited to red, blue, green and kraft if masculine is the only way to go. I'm moving on to some toddler layouts, this baby stuff is harder than I thought and should only be attempted in small doses.
PS Sunny J if you are reading this, please post and let me know you are all right. I'm worried sick about you and yours 'cuz I haven't heard from you.

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janel said...

Hi, Am in Big Sky Country and hanging with my two favorite guys, so intenet has been sporadic. off to breakfast in a little bit and then then those heartstrings get pulled upon when we say goodbye. No worries, just in the land of snow and cold!