Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Technical Difficulties

This almost the layout that wasn't. I tried to print the journaling last night on the pc, but the printer was out of ink. Today, I decided to try to tackle the Mac. I love the results, and I'm usually happy with how the Mac turns out. I just don't know why I need to have my feet held to the fire to go learn stuff on the Mac. I'm just stubborn I guess.

I found a pair of jeans at Old Navy, but I think I need a belt. Don't jeans shrink anymore? I ran into a friend at the foodstore while I looked all bummy. I just love that. I'm starting to feel like the Frumpy monster swallowed me whole. Is this what children do to you?

I've decided to try out for a design team, it's called Label Tulip. You can visit them at www.labeltulip.com. I think they have a really neat design for a website. That said, you should know I am the Susan Lucci of design teams, always nominated, never picked. But, I'm still going to cross my fingers. I just won't hold my breath, that didn't work out so well the last time.
Until tomorrow chicks!


janel said...

Beautiful, and I think that dt would be a great fit for you. I will cross my fingers. I hate having to get on the pc now that I have my mac...never will I go back!

My kids tell me they keep me from being frumpy.....so hoping that is so! Of course, they think I am totally silly too, but that is half the fun!

ali mclaughlin said...

Good luck with Label Tulip.. love them! Cute layout too!So when do you want to meet up?