Friday, February 22, 2008

She blinded me with Science . . .

And what until you see my math skills. :) Well, the deal with the RAK is kind of like this. I had the number 17 in my head, but since we didn't get to seventeen posts, I omitted the number one and we are left with 7:

Julie Kelley said...

Fun idea for a RAK, and I'm also bad about actually commenting!! I do love to read blogs though :)

February 20, 2008 2:31 PM

So Julie please email me your address and I will put the books and paper pack in the mail asap. You can P-mail me on peas if you prefer, my user is vtpuggirl. The blog has only been in existence for 1 month, so 11 is pretty good I think.

So what else is new? I'm been working on some scrappy projects, the latest is at the top. Exciting stuff this weekend, so stay tuned. I am waiting for the label tulip DT to be announced. I shouldn't even get my hopes up, but I've found that since I became a mom I am much more of an optomist. How can anyone look into the eyes of a child and tell them anything other than everything will be ok? I believe that, and if I am not choosen, that is what was meant to be I guess. There is a reason for everything and we only see the messy strings of God's very perfect quilt he weaves in heaven.

I need to make a budget this weekend. Ugghh. That is like pulling teeth. It seems to live in the same realm as diet--read self-depriving to me. Since the 2 moves in 6 months, everything has been in turmoil. Ok chaos is probably better. I find that I tend to have anxiety about things until I can organize them, categorize them, and file them in my brain. Then I'm ok.

Thank you to all who participated in the RAK and don't worry. My scraproom is packed and I am always up for donating some of it to willing commenters in the future. One thing if you are so inclined, I'm trying to put together a bio. If you have a comment on my style, how to categorize that, I'd be forever grateful. Have a great weekend and for the love of paper, go make something!


Kazan said...

I love your style and when I think about it all that comes to mind is that it is your style - not much good to put on a resume I know. If something else comes up I will blog you ASAP

janel said...

Oh I love this layout and I love the slides...very cool and really fun to just stop and look at all your work. My opinion...your style is "classic" and "timeless"......and simply sophisticated.
Great post, and have a wonderful weekend.

Debby said...


And I want to be more faithful when I read a blog to comment. I believe your style is wonderful. I love it and it shows in your blog. You have a great weekend