Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday pants story

Happy Friday all! I have on my friday pants and I'm ready to go! That is a tradition that I started when I was a student. In my postgraduate program, we had horribly hard tests every friday. So, I started to notice that I had an affinity for a certain pair of pants that I would wear every friday. Now, I was a good student/nerd, whatever, and I normally did make really good grades. I ended up being 2nd in my class. Anyway, I became so paranoid and superstitious that I could only wear these specific pants on Friday, somehow they were lucky and bringing me good scores (not all the studying I did day and night--couldn't be that!)

When I started working, I did the same thing. Habit after all those years I guess. Through the years I've had lots of different "friday" pants. My personal favorite had dots in every color of the rainbow on black pants. I changed up the tops. My better half told me I looked ridiculous when I bought them and some old lady in the store outside the dressing room hit him with her purse and told him not to say such things to his wife!! I knew I had to have them.

My mom "Friday pants" are actually a special pair of jeans. Things change, but this is something about me that never will. Now you know. Sorry for the horrible scan, this layout is a lot prettier in real life, but the colors are so soft the scanner is missing them. Could take a pic, but I'm out of time. Later gators.

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Kazan said...

Wow - I have not been on for 2 days and you post 4 AMAZING layouts! Wow!