Thursday, January 31, 2008


I think I am working way too hard on the house. The garage is another story, but the house is starting to look like people live here. Because modern life is so hurried, it is that much more important to really relax when you get the chance. I was talking with my scrappie friend yesterday afternoon and we agreed that if you are going to spend what little free time you get scrapbooking/papercrafting, you need to enjoy it. It can't be work, pressured, or cause anymore stress. I think the key is to figure out what part of the scrapbook process stresses you out the most and eliminate/change it. I love to type my journaling, but I'm considering experimenting with some options for handwriting on my pages to save time. Maybe not every page, not every time, but some. Simplifying and streamlining are the key. If you are looking for more along that line, Ali Edwards new book is awesome. (I don't know her, and have no reason to endorse her). I got it for christmas and I couldn't put it down.

Anyway, since I am still tied up with the house, I thought I would post an option. I could (a) post a layout tomorrow that is a month old, (b) create a slide show of older layouts, or (c) just keep on not posting layouts on my paper blog for the next few days. The choice is yours my friends. It's my birthday tomorrow, so whatever you choose will be fine with me. (LOOK I figured out the sidebar, yeah me!)

And now, I'm going to take a shower and relax. These are great for the foodie in all of us (see pic). My sister got them for me for christmas. Now where did I put that towel and spoon?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Morning after

Ever had a late night on the internet, only to wake up and wonder if you had really done/purchased what you thought you had? That's how I felt this morning about this blog. (Insert awkward pause here.) So, um.

To those of you that I promised I would add to the sidebar, as soon as I figure out what that is, I will do it. Clearly I'm a blogging virgin.

It is going to be a few days before I can create and post any new scrapbook pages. I am almost finished cleaning up from the move. I had a paper crash in the old house and all of my beautiful paper arrived in the new house in a heap. So, bear with me, I'm almost there. I was thinking that I should be able to talk about all my paper loves here, that includes books, newspapers, and magazines. I'm a bibliophile and a CNBC junkie. I'm not a day trader or anything, I just love to see how life is all connected. (More on that another time.) Today I thought I'd tell you about my latest paper obsession--the napkin. See, I'm a total foodie. And my better half brought me this salad last night from Chili's. (Note: I have no connection to this business in anyway but a satisfied customer.) Quesadilla Explosion. Wow. I didn't say a word all through dinner, even though the baby was throwing food off his highchair and the dog was going wild. It was that good. Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


For the love of paper, and clearly all things basic grey, right? Welcome y'all to my blog. I am hopelessly addicted to scrapbooking, and I hope that this new blog will help me to create more often. I've resisted blogging up until now. I don't have a really great reason, maybe laziness, maybe intimidated. I don't know. But, here I am. Why? Because I feel the need to share my passion for paper and stuff. So, if bazzill, 7Gypsies, and technique tuesday don't mean anything to you, you are probably in the wrong place my friend. Keep surfing. But if they make you smile, and you reach instinctively for your wallet, then come hang out with me for a while. We have much to discuss.