Thursday, November 18, 2010

More pages

Some scrappage from the Cocoa Daisy crop last weekend. The folder holds lots of misc. photos that I printed and decided not to use on pages, or not to use right now. I sealed 3 sides with adhesive and left the top open.

My dh is home from deployment. So grateful and thankful he is safe and that I don't have to be a single mom anymore. Life is good for us right now. I've knocked out so many things on my to-do list while he was gone that I'm giddy--I cleaned out the garage, I got my old fillings replaced at the dentist (all white now, love this!), winterized my car, have done so much home maintenance over the past 4 months it's unbelievable, just have to get the gutters cleaned before it snows. Very excited to be semi-caught up with everything, and looking forward to not gardening this winter. I love it, but I'm ready for a break. Hopefully will continue the scrapping kick I've been on lately, 7 layouts with the Cocoa Daisy Nov kit! You will love that one. Although, I was blown away when Cocoa Daisy Dec. showed up, it's so gorgeous I don't even know what words would do it justice. I'm a little intimidated to use it, it's pretty perfect as is. :)
Happy Thursday to you! Until tomorrow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekend Drive-by

It's been a rather disappointing day. We saw the ENT & audiologist and J's hearing is normal, no fluid in his ear (unlike what we were told was the case at the pediatrician's office). And while I am thrilled that my baby doesn't need surgery or tubes, it did seem like a dream come true that we could snap our fingers and be over the speech difficulties that he has had now for the past 2 years. So, on we go with speech therapy. And it's a good thing, I know this. All I need to do is love and support him and in his own time he will overcome it. Probably just in time to be a sassy teenager. Hmm. :)
Just in case you wondered what I was up to this weekend. You can come too! Lots of prizes and fun. As long as you like to scrap you are invited. :) I'll have some new layouts to post after the weekend. I'm finally going to clean out the garage too, but this is more fun.
(Click on it to make it bigger if you need to.) Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cocoa Daisy November Poker Face

The summer is gone I can't believe, it went so fast.
Why do only the cold and lonely times, seem to last?
- Patty Smyth, There are no mistakes in love

Goodbye October, and honestly, good riddance. I lost my grandmother, J has been sick again, I was so busy raking the leaves that I didn't even have time to indulge in a PTSD moment this year. I am sad that fall seemed to blow right by though, like it never happened. May as well have just gone from blistering hot weather to frigged cold. Did I mention my car battery died last week (due to the extreme shift in temperature?) Yep, goodbye Oct., see you around.
Haven't been online much, been taking a digital sabbatical and enjoying my life. Being outdoors, I love being outside with J. Trying to do things slower, one at a time, focus on what I'm doing. I've given up multi-tasking and happier for it. I tried getting up early in the morning, just for the peace and quiet, seems my body prefers it's peace and quiet under the covers. (Enjoys it so much that getting up 20 mins earlier is all I can manage right now, but it's a start.) Been eating healthier, until the car battery incident when I consumed a handful of skittles upon arriving home. I don't twitter or facebook, and I try to only check message boards once every day or two. However, this came back to haunt me when I missed the reveal at Cocoa Daisy this month. Had layouts ready to go and everything, but forgot to check the day before. I found out the evening of but didn't have my projects photographed. Oops. I keep forgetting the 28th is carved in stone over there now. Here are my pages for the month of November, the kit is called Poker face:

You have to see this shaped stamp exclusive to the kit, very cool. We are going to see a surgeon about getting tubes in J's ears, hoping this will also help his speech. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts below. Happy Monday to you! Until tomorrow.