Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday AC drive-by

So glad it's Friday! :)

This page was inspired by some cards I made for the AC blog that will be seen later this month (I know, that's not very helpful is it?). This is the American crafts I do line, and why I certainly understand why it is named that, this line is so much more than just wedding. I haven't done anything wedding related with it yet! I'm just really smitten with it right now.
All the patterned paper is American crafts I do, the thickers are Marquise pearl thickers in Black, but in real life they are a steel grey. Grey goes so well with this line. And a little Jenni bowlin stick pin. I just like them.
Well, I have a lot of patient charts to dictate, so off I go. Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Driving by

Here is a page I did from my stash of American crafts and Jenni bowlin:
I used American crafts Salutations thickers in chestnut, AC blue glitter brads and AC Marilyn Chestnut Minimarks plus Jenni bowlin playdate papers. Love these JBS papers. The stars are from an old SC kit, I think they are heidi swapp, not sure though. Our 4th was spent being sick, as has every moment since then. :( That's why J is so glassy eyed.

Happy Wednesday to you! Until tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Me vs the to-do list

Having a hard time getting my act together to blog lately. It's a casualty of going back to work I suppose. I'm juggling, but clearly I'm not juggling fast enough or very well. 2 weeks is the longest break I've ever taken from blogging, and I kind of miss it.

I've been doing some things for the AC blog and I will have some layouts to share this week. I get that our relationship is built upon me showing the pages and you coming to see them and if you are here reading this, then I haven't been holding up my end of that bargain this month. But things will improve. I've just needed time to adjust to a new reality lately.

This is J with his pillow pet:
So cute! And a photo he took of me:
He loves to take photos with my camera. He's very careful and it cracks me up when he takes a photo like this one and looks at the play back screen and says "Oh love that one!" Wonder where he gets it from. :) Happy Monday to you! Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here comes the rain again

Photo by Kiraniacus/photobucket
I love a rainy night!
I do, it's been forever since we had rain. At least a month or more. The grass is all scorched. I just love to crawl into bed with clean sheets and listen to the rain. I've missed it. I don't want it to rain all the time or anything, that's depressing. Just sometimes. :) Can you see it raining in this photo? How cool is that?
Been busy, over at Cocoa Daisy updating the forum on the CHA Summer 2010 sneaks. Lots of great stuff from American crafts (Enchanting and City Park); Jenni bowlin (Family Tree), and Crate paper (Restoration and School Spirit), and the glimpses of Studio Calico's release (Elementary) look amazing. And this is only the beginning, more stuff to roll out this week I'm sure!
Been busy at work. It's my first real week, and everyone is on vacation. Talk about a trial by fire. :( Tomorrow I get to figure out how to dictate patient charts on a new system, and I'm kind of nervous about that. It's all the little things, like ordering radiology tests on the right paper pad or figuring out each pharmacy's drug refill sheets and prior authorization forms, that are the things that make you crazy. It just takes time, but no one seems to have time in medicine these days. :)
We are recovering from the bout of strep plague that ran through our household this weekend. J has decided that taking his medicine is worth a Hershey's kiss. :) It's getting better. I still have bronchitis pretty bad, but that's just going to take more time to resolve. J's double ear infection seems improved.
It's so strange to me. Two weeks ago I would have told you that scrapbooking felt normal and work felt weird. This week, I would say the opposite. Everything seems frighteningly topsy-turvy lately. And yet, I know that I will push some paper around this weekend. I need the familiar as much as the unfamiliar at the moment. No deadlines, no assignments, just me having fun, enjoying my photos. Looking forward to it like the cleansing rain.
Oh how I love the rain! There is just something so romantic about a rainy night. Happy Tuesday to you! Until tomorrow.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is me, in a nutshell

I found this on my friend Leah's blog, and it made me laugh so hard (for like 15 mins) I almost died. And then I went and got dh so that he could read it and we laughed some more. I'm putting it here in case I need to find it again. :)

If you've ever really wanted to know me, get inside my head and walk around, this is it. Might be your only chance so. Blog post: So very me.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. The drama surrounding the antibiotics continues (as does the ear infection and the fever, but the puking seems to be better. Hey, I'm an optimist. :))
Until tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Best laid plans

The best laid plans. This is my first week back at work, and even though the office is nice, this change is stressful. And even though J loves his school, that has been stressful.

But it all came to a head this morning. Last night in the middle of the night J woke me up with headache/ear pain. He's never had an ear infection. He took some fever reducer and went to sleep. Then this morning he was just not himself, not moving around much, looking and acting sick. So I decided not to take him to school, but I thought we could stop by my work for a minute while I tried to get him a doctors appt.
Plan b (or c) happened after he threw up all over me (in dry clean only clothes) this morning. I decided we were both going to the pediatrician's office. He threw up in the car, so we both smelled just lovely at the doctors. She thinks he has strep, which is what I thought when I decided to bring him in. Now after waiting in line at the pharmacy forever, we have medicine that he won't take. I'm seriously losing my mind a little. :(
Not loving this aspect of his school. It's been less than 2 weeks and he's been pretty sick twice already. I've been sick, had bronchitis all week. It's hard to concentrate on learning anything new when you can't breathe. And scrapping has really been pretty far from my mind at the moment. But in the past week I have had two projects on the American crafts blog--a beach layout and a beach mini album. Here is a glimpse of the album:
Isn't that camera the cutest thing? Love that. I've used my AC slick writer pen in black all week to label stuff because it is smear proof, waterproof, permanent and quick drying. And unlike a Sharpie, I can actually read my handwriting with one. :) Happy weekend to you, hope your's is better than mine! Until tomorrow.