Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rough Morning

Another rough morning. I think it might be time to set up the big boy room even though most likely I'll be sleeping there awhile, I'd love something like this (see above). In my dreams and pottery barn kids showroom. I could really use some caffeine this morning, but alas, I don't have any. I don't drink coffee, or tea. I stopped drinking soda years ago, it's bad for your teeth, bones, and who needs the calories? I'm the only person I know who faces life this sober. While, besides my dog.

Here is my layout of the day. I would love to tell you how easy it was, but it wasn't. I guess some are like that, they have to beat the art out of us. I'm happy with the result, I just hate when I enter anal land of creating. I always know I am there because all the adhesive is gone off the stuff because I have moved it around so much.

Well, I have to go dye my grey stripes. Do you remember that woman from that movie poltergist with that stripe of grey? That's me. It took years to fight my way back to my natural color, only to find it was 20% grey. That's my luck.

Thanks to the friends who cont to support me, inspire me, and make me feel like it is all around worth it. Tomorrow is Friday, can't wait to put on my happy pants!


a.l. clark said...

I love that father-son photo. I defiantly understand the creativity/making it perfect feeling, but your little guy is going to look back at this and be so thankful for all of your efforts!

janel said...

Darling layout and photo. The abc's vertical on the right is perfect! Yea, your happy pants are in the closet.....can't wait for Friday.
Have a good day!

Kazan said...

such cute boys and a beautiful layout too!