Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happiness is . . .

This amazing kit by Cocoa Daisy, full of Ali Edward's favorite things:

Loving every single piece of this kit and add-ons! Ali designed the stamp and those journaling cards, aren't they wonderful? I love those. Love everything about it really, it's happiness in a box I tell you! This kit just fits me like a glove. Really, really excited to use it.
This kit goes on sale Sept 3, and I'm sure it will go very quickly. Only subscribers are guaranteed a kit, and there are discounts on subscriber rates presently ($2 off the 3 month price and $3 off the 6 month price). Having a rainy weekend here, which is ok because it's the perfect weather to scrap with. Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Drive-by

A quick layout using Scribble Scrabble's new line Party time:
Two Layout
Supplies: Scribble Scrabble Patterned paper Party time: Party Fare, Party Sampler and Have Your Cake; Scribble Scrabble Party time die cuts, plus white Bazzil cardstock and American crafts patchwork thickers black and slick writer black pen.
I'm all caught up on J's birthdays, until next year anyway. So I'll be using this line for more everyday layouts in the future. I showed J this layout and he has walked around here for the past two days asking for cake. I don't have any cake. I tried explaining this was a special birthday thing, but I fear my reasoning is lost on a two year old. Maybe it is faulty logic. Happy weekend to you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes the small things are the big things

Hmm, it's like all of a sudden summer has come to an abrupt halt. No more kids on the playground or at the pool. Even the weather has changed. I was actually cold this morning in a long sleeve shirt while I walked the dog.
Speaking of my pug puppy, still fighting little mini battles every day to keep that dog well. I thought it was funny (and kind of sad) that J treats his plush toy puppy the same way I do Sam. He gives him pretend pills out of an empty medicine bottle, he wraps up different body parts with gauze and treats wounds, and pretends to put antibiotic cream everywhere. I was really impressed that he watches me so intently, nothing escapes him at all.
Which is why I've got to be easy on the swears no matter what life is throwing my way this week. Last week was just the pits. I was paralyzed with indecision and fear and it was just an awful week. I am determined that this week will be better, somehow, even though little has changed. Spending too much time with our real estate agent looking for someplace to live. I'm more determined than ever leave renting (and all the problems of this house) behind. My favorite thing about looking at houses? The fenced in yards with actual grass. I know that seems like a small thing, but it's actually a huge thing to me.
On the scrapping front I've just been editing photos, and sketching ideas. My terms for American crafts and Cocoa daisy don't start until Sept, so I've just been taking it easy waiting for that. I'm really excited about the Ali Edwards CD kit, love Ali's favorite things. (I guess they are my a few of my favorite things too.) She has great taste that girl. I've been organizing my scrap room, I got 4 reveal bulbs for the torchiere for $6. So, lighting situation solved inexpensively. I got rid of a ton of paper, mostly my basic grey collection. It was totally out of control, and I don't want to be a paper collector. I want to be a memory collector. I took it as a sign that I hardly ever use it to get rid of it. And that stack was 1/2 a foot deep. Sad really. When it was all over with, I had completely filled a large tote with paper, embellishments, and magazines to get rid of. It feels good to be back to empty for the moment, although I wish my mojo wasn't stuck on E.
I've decided to participate in my friend Kristina Proffitt's card drive for Kate. You can click on the link and read about it here. I think that one of the best ways to be happy in this life is to focus on helping others. I know that when I read about this family's tragic situation that I didn't feel like my week was going all that badly after all. It gave me some much needed perspective, and I'd like to give that family a little smile with a card if I can. I hope you will consider making a card for this. It takes so very little to give someone hope, which is actually something very big.
Happy Monday to you! Until tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Want to win the Ali Edwards September kit from Cocoa Daisy? All you have to do is join us, now on the message board. The most correct guesses as to the kit's contents will win. Think you know product? Think you know Ali? Come on over, what do you have to lose? Hope you will join us!

PS I'm alive and well. I just haven't felt like blogging, or scrapping this week. I'll do better, big changes happening in Sept. Trying to get ready for them all. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let there be light

I have been researching lighting for my scrap room. It's like a cave in there after dark. I only have one tiny desk light now. I had card in hand ready to purchase an Ott light from Joann's, when I realized that I couldn't use the 40% off coupon because they were already on sale 50% off. I felt like even at half off those prices were really high. So I went to price compare at Amazon. Then I read the really negative reviews from Amazon, which surprised me since Joann's reviews were all positive. I figure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I put my research on hold for the evening.
I was cleaning up the living room yesterday when it dawned on me that I have a torchiere that we don't use much. I took it upstairs and it matches the space perfectly. The bulbs (light) is not that great though. So what I may do is get Bluemax bulbs (either from Amazon or full spectrum) for about $10 each. I figured at that price I can finally afford to experiment with them a little. If you have either or any of these products, I'd love to hear your opinion. I haven't done anything yet that I can't undo.
If you haven't seen the latest Cocoa daisy kit, which is full of American crafts Blue skies, you might want to give it a look. Or two. :)
I have some photos from Friday at Chipotle with Vee and her kids I'll post next time. Happy Monday! Until tomorrow.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Scribble Scrabble

This Scribble Scrabble release is one of the best yet I think. I love how bright and saturated the colors are in these papers. You almost have to see them in person to appreciate how great the quality is. I encourage you to pick up just one sheet of Scribble Scrabble paper from your favorite online store because I know that once you see it in person you will be won over by this little paper company with big heart. I'm really partial to the graph paper (OK, I love the graph paper).
I love you
Supplies: Scribble Scrabble Lullaby of Birdland patterned paper: Kiss me sweet (front and back); Scribble Scrabble Lullaby of Birdland diecut label and flower; plus Kraft Bazzil cardstock, Jenni bowlin flower center, Colorbox scarlet ink and American crafts patchwork thickers.
Hello Pumpkins
Supplies: Scribble Scrabble Jeepers Creepers Patterned papers: Spooky Sampler (front and back), Halloween sampler and Lil pumpkin patch; Scribble Scrabble Jeepers Creepers die cut label and flowers; plus white bazzil cardstock, Pink Paislee orange brad, and Kaiser crafts green rhinestone.
I love the green flower with the spider, love all the great little touches Cynthia includes. I have another layout with the new Scribble Scrabble party time papers on my desk as well. But I have to go get cleaned up now to go out to lunch with Vee and her kiddos at Chipotle later. Happy Friday to you! Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back from vacation

It's a little intimidating blogging after that last post. Thank you so much everyone who left a comment here, in a gallery, or sent me an email. Some of the emails I received really, really touched me and I'll be saving them for a long time. Thank you.
I meant to blog my vacation photos last week but I forgot my USB cable. It was still attached to my computer. I saved you a seat though: :)
So trying to figure out first things first, or whose on first, or something. I feel all disorganized after vacation. Trying to edit 400 photos, why did I take/need so many? I'm just lazy about deleting them during an outing. I don't want to waste any more time fiddling with the camera, you know?
Lots of photos with J in his PFD (personal flotation device) vest. It's not the most photogenic thing, but so important. So many people drown on the Outer banks, esp in the summer. The average is 3 per week in the "on" season. The riptide and undertow are so strong. The PFD was for me too, in the event that I had to go in after him I would be struggling to keep him and myself afloat while swimming against the undertow. So I'd have to swim quite a bit longer to get back to shore, and thus possibly drown myself. I love the water, was a lifeguard, and grew up in this part of the country. But I have huge respect for it and what it can do.
I got some new Scribble Scrabble right before I left, and I'm looking forward to using that. I love graph paper and colored graph paper=wow! Of course a mountain of laundry awaits. I was asked to join the Cocoa Daisy design team on Monday. I couldn't be more excited about that, it's such an amazing and talented team and site! Ali E is doing some fun things for the Sept kit and that should be pretty cool. Happy (what day is it?) um, Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Me and White Cardstock? On again. . .

So you guys really don't climb trees to take photos? I suppose next you will tell me you don't put simply limeade in your coke cola either? (Just let me think you do.) :) I call that concoction "Mommy's timeout." :)
I completed 14 hours of continuing medical education this weekend (woohoo!), but I suspect you didn't stop by for that either.
What can I say? I'm stunned. That really describes my reaction. I just can't believe it, really. I'm so humbled and honored to be a part of a design team that has such an amazing legacy for having the biggest talent in the industry, past and present. I was shocked to get invited to join American Crafts (ACCDT). Shocked out of being able to form coherent sentences, which is pretty shocked for me.
Since I still am having word finding difficulty (I hear shock does this to you), I figured I'd let you see my submission:
Type A Layout
Made with AC Character line:
Supplies: American Crafts Character Patterned paper: Post, Tribune, Globe (backside) and Telegraph (backside); American Crafts Crafts Fair Paper: Faye Needleworth; American Crafts Fabric Thickers: Patchwork-black and Ladybug (inked with Colorbox raspberry ink to match paper); Plus: Bazzil White Cardstock

All Boy Layout
Made with AC Crafts Fair Line:
Supplies: American Crafts Patterned paper: Myrtle O'Seam, Faye Needleworth, Edith Fitzbolt, and Elanore Battington; American Crafts My House Craft Fair Vinyl Embellishments-2 hearts; American Crafts Zing! Black Opaque Embossing powder; American Crafts Basic Black Ribbon; Plus: Bazzil White Cardstock and Ranger Clear Emboss it! Pad**Notes: I used my son's toy Monster truck run in clear embossing ink, then sprinkled with AC Zing! Embossing powder and ran it across the layout and heat set with a heat gun.

Sweet Baby Card
Made with AC Baby Line:
Supplies: American Crafts Patterned paper: Humpty Dumpty, Peek-A-Boo, Ring Around the Rosie, and Twinkle, Twinkle (backside); American Crafts Rockabye Thickers Powder Blue; American Crafts My House Craft Fair Vinyl Embellishments-red heart; Plus Bazzil Kraft and white cardstock.

Altered project: ABC Frame

My favorite is the altered project. J and I use this all the time and the glass has sticky fingerprints on it. When I first had the idea I said (to myself), "No way I'm gonna do that! I'll never be able to think of something for every letter." Which means heck yeah I'm gonna try it. :) The scale had to be exact, so I couldn't put in big words, or images. It didn't take very long at all, I'd say 30 mins once I decided on my letter image (that was the hard part).
Thank you to my friends who pushed me to apply. Thank you to my friends who supported me through the process; you love me neurosis and all and to me that's priceless. And I'm pretty sure I lost a bet to my friend Cindy. If I remember correctly (and if she holds me to it), I'm going to have to wear every piece of flare that AC gives me to TGI Fridays. Even in the urban jungle this could raise some eyebrows. Until tomorrow. Happy day!