Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm so tired today, didn't get much sleep. The baby who is in constant motion is in constant motion in his sleep as well. But I did finish a layout last night, pretty quickly since I didn't use the computer. I think it is good to do that sometimes, just to finish something. I love this color blue, I'm very drawn to it. This is one of the first real milestone type layouts I have done, and I am excited to add it to the baby book.

I sometimes feel like a scrapbook schizophrenic when it comes to style. I just do whatever I like. I like to think of them as happy accidents, that I learn something with each layout that brings me closer to my true style. But, I refuse to be caged in by having to do things exactly the same all the time. Each and every layout is a chance to experiment and I'm going to take it.

In case you were interested, the Dow slide 370 points yesterday, on recession fears and the fact that the economy service-sectors like hotels, retailers, restuarants, are contracting (not growing, people not spending). But, the Fed will most likely slash interest rates again. How does that affect you? You won't make as much money in your savings accounts/money market accounts. Yeah, that will help the average person spend more. Just my 2 cents.

I entered to win the American Crafts giveaway, I love that stuff. Choose me, pick me, love me!


janel said...

Good morning!
Love that messy face. You are up early wonder you are tired. Loving your blog, have a great day.

Kazan said...

love your clean simple layouts. Very striking - now go and get some shuteye!

Kazan said...

I hope you win the giveaway - sending good karma vibes your way..


PS You blog is on my Favs list! Cannot wait to see those fab layouts!

Laura Davis said...

I love your blog & your work is stunning!