Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The weather is here, I wish my mini album was beautiful. . .

It's been about six years since the last time I had that Jimmy Buffet song stuck in my head. I was a student, on my surgery internship. And one of the doctors loved to play it during routine procedures-gallbladder removal, appendectomy, etc. Ah, good times.

It feels like summer is indeed here. Thank you all so much for your help with bathing suits/shopping. I've got some solid leads, maybe by next week I'll have one (if I have to order online.) But with summer coming it means saying goodbye to winter clothes, like the ones in the layout below. Gosh I'll miss those. Prima and Hambly together on here (yikes!) with some American crafts.

Made the card for my grandmother, there is no one quite like her. She talks in this little tiny voice, but swears like a sailor. Especially while she plays cards. I never make cards unless I have someone in mind to send it to. I'm just lazy that way. :)

We are having a summer mini album contest at Memorable Seasons. I'm so bad at mini albums, if you all have any advice I will gladly take it. And I'd love to see some links to cool mini albums. I'm so intimidated to start this project. But the weather is here!


2H Design said...

Here are some minis I have done:




And here are some that have inspired me:


Hope that helps!

Lisa Dickinson said...

Love, love that card. Totally makes me think of grandmas' quilts :)

And I'm no help in the mini-album dept. I've done a total of ONE. :) It's the mexico one in my Two Peas gallery.

jaimewarren said...

Lovin' that card girl!!! I'm stuck on mini albums too, I never seem to make them work like I intended. LOL!! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job on yours though!!

Elisa said...

Absolutely love the card! Gorgeous!

Kristii Lockart said...

Your card is totally awesome!! Love it!

karen akaliz said...

these are awesome! love the overalls..too cute.

dawn said...

The card and the LO are absolutely adorable!!

Sharie said...

That card you made is just wonderful! I enjoy making mini albums about what I'm enjoying right now.

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from 2 peas. Really do like the one of a kind quilt, that is special.

Have a few minis on my blog space but not sure that they are your style.

p said...

great card.
you'll do great.

mini album comp