Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finished my CMEs, and now I've got nothing but time. Since I had J, I have been doing something for my license. First it was CMEs while breastfeeding, then I got my CMEs audited (randomly, my number was drawn--there is no way I'll ever win the lottery, but an audit, well my odds just went up exponentially), then we moved and I had to update my information with 2 medical boards, the DEA, NCCPA, and AAPA, then there was the big re-certification test for 2 months, then it was 100 CMEs by June. Honestly, I'm feeling a little shell-shocked waiting for another shoe to drop. I don't really believe that all I have to do now is just a few CMEs per month. It feels strange. Is this how school teachers feel when summer starts?

I've been so busy fitting in scrapping where ever I can, that now I've got the time I seem to be a little unfocused. Maybe I need a new goal? I don't know. We don't have any big vacation plans due to my hubby's work schedule. I hope to visit my parents for a little bit, they live very close to the beach. And I can't visit for long, my mom has to work. She has taken a lot of vacation time to be with my grandmother since her father died.

But other than that our summer is wide open. Just me and the kid, and the uber furry one. I'm open to suggestions, let me know what you'd do, are doing, big summer plans. Maybe freedom always feels strange if you aren't used to it.


Jen said...

Congrats on your new found freedom Danielle! I don't have much in the way of suggestions. I've been staying super busy with scrapping stuff and also trying to enjoy some summer-time freedom with the kiddos. Good luck on finding your balance!

Susan Beth said...

Congrats on getting those administrative things done! I'll trade you some freedom time if you'd like. I haven't crafted in almost two weeks, and I'm dying inside! Would love to have an open schedule. Enjoy while you can because I'm sure you will feel life in full swing in no time at all!

karen akaliz said...

love the layouts, especially the scraps one in the previous post.

we aren't doing a summer trip either. so, i fill my days with errands, scavenger hunts, trips to the library and local pool, and walking around target. super-duper fun.

Debby said...

Outdoor photo shoots! Parks, zoos, and other special places.

Find some inspriation by going to a art museum or a real artsy type shop. Eat out at your very favorite spot with one friend.

Go to BAM or Barnes and Noble and order coffee and read their magazines! Make a friend while you are there.

DebW said...

Hey Danielle! Not much going on for me. Just trying to stay focused in order to get my MMM entry done and sent before vacation on July 11th. Also going to workon some projects for Sudie's Unkit's site.Just waiting on the supplies to get here!
Great LO! TFS!

Rachael said...

Love the layout!!

It is so hard making time for everything!! I hope you can get on a good routine going!

Kristii Lockart said...

Yay, freedom is a wonderful thing! I hope things will settle in quickly for you. Your work is always amazing and I know the mojo will be flowing soon!!