Monday, June 9, 2008

103 degrees (or more)

I finished a page in my Summer mini album this weekend while J was napping. My challenge at Memorable Seasons was Water, water, everywhere, scrapping your water pics. Most of the stuff on this is from Vita Bella Little Yellow Bicycle.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it was real hot here. The temperature was 103 on Sat. I figured that was just too hot to play in the pool, or the playground. So I decided to take J up to the local Toys R Us to get a toy I was sure he would love. He is very into anything that goes-cars, trucks, etc. So I wanted to get him this trash truck toy, it really is cuter than it sounds. Anyway, they didn't have it. Out of luck. At that point my resolve crumbled and I think J sensed that I was a little lost in what to do next. He decided to take the lead, by climbing repeatedly out of the shopping cart. I tried everything, but in the end he was loose. And I had to ditch the cart because he was so fast up and down the aisles. I finally cornered him in the battery powered like real-life cars section. He slowed down to look at them and sit in them. I tried repeatedly to carry him away, heading toward the exit. No dice, not without a major fit. I realized very quickly we weren't getting out of there without a scene. I gathered my strength and picked him up, holding him under both armpits with my arms wrapped around him while he pitched a fit. He screamed, and kicked my thighs (which are now black and blue), and flung his arms. I walked all the way from the back of the Toys R Us to the front with him like that, every person in the store stopping to stare. Yes, it was 103 degrees, but it feels like much more when your face was as red as mine. I prayed to spontaneously combust when we hit the sidewalk (didn't happen though).

I don't know when I became that woman, the one in public with a wild child that people stop what they are doing to stare at. The woman I used to think was clueless about children, I mean how else do you get in that situation right? J is only 17 mos, but he is acting like he is 2 years old already, testing every limit. Normally he is a good kid, he just isn't sleeping well and is prone to meltdowns because of it. I just don't want to be judged on my ability as a mom by the five minutes of tantrum that the world sees.


Ally said...

hey - from what I'm reading, sounds like you're a great mom. The "poor" mom would have bought the toy to avoid the scene - thereby creating a problem. You just picked up your kid and left the store. It was exactly what you should have done - so good on you!

stephanie said...

girl, someone is always "judging you"
there is nothing you can do about that unfortunately.
but YOU know you are a good mom who is doing
the best you can do and that's what is most important.

that's what i have to keep telling myself lately..i so get it. ;)

janel said...

These little episodes are bound to happen and sounds like you did the right things...Hang in there, the journey has lots of turns, curves, and bumps. You are doing great!

karen akaliz said...

i am right there with you! my first son was an angel out in public and never left my side. still doesn't now and he's 7...

my second. WOW! sooo difficult. i was really spoiled by the first and i really don't know how to handle this little bugger and i hate when people look at me like i'm clueless. sometimes i feel like i cannot handle him and that they might be right.

camport said...

:) Don't think of them as judging you, so much as they are staring in awe and realizing it's not just their kid that does it!

There may be looks of sympathy along with those judgemental glances. And you totally did the right thing by snatching him up and walking out.

I have learned not to be embarrased, I just smile and act like it doesn't even phase me as I walk to the car.

You are a good mama!


Susan Beth said...

Sounds like you handled it just right! I've abandon cart and left Target because of a similar situation. Only had to do it once, because by getting right on the issue my son got the message really quickly about what is acceptable and what is not. You were setting appropriate limits (bounderies) and you are to be commended for that. Keep your chin up, and do what will help you son know the limits in the future. He's at the learning age, so good for you to teach him! You sound like a mom I respect and like a mom who's child will not be "wild" for long.

And, when it is expressed appropriately, take the time to enjoy the little guys enthusiasm for life and new things! Sounds like he's going to be a real winner!

2H Design said...

Oh wow!!!! HOT!!! YUK!!!!

I LOVE the layout!

I don't have kiddos yet, but I wouldn't worry about it... sounds like you are a great mama!

Mia said...

Girl! I'm sure you are an awesome mom! Don't think about people judging you we all have different ways of handling things and that doesn't make you any less of a person! Your kids love & adore you & that's all that should matter.

Love the new page!

Michelle Charlotte said...

Great page! I'm sorry about what happened at Toys R Us. I'm sure all kids have melt downs!

Elisa said...

I know exactly what you mean. Mind you, if the person that is looking at you has a hild too, s/he is more likely to be thinking:
"Comiserations, I've been through this too!"


"TG, for once it is not MY kid!"

Sharie said...

Anyone who's a mom has surely experienced this situation and can only empathize with you, but you really did take control of the situation and that makes you a great Mom! Here's my mantra "Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact." Hugs to you. Your layouts are wonderfully vibrant and fun.

ricanlaw said...

Oh don't worry about that. We all have one of those moments happen. Just let it ride. You are a great mom don't you forget it.

walesk said...

boy, do I know what you mean (and I'll leave it at that LOL). hope it gets better soon :)

Close To Home said...

ayi yi I have sooooo been there and have played the guilt trip on myself. You did NOTHING wrong and you are the BEST mother for your child!!!!