Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Things are good, really good.
Just playing with the studio calico June kit scraps:

This is how we have been spending the month-in the pool, with the hose, taking pictures/scrapping and eating yummy stuff. Maybe it's all the fresh fruit and vegetables, but summer makes me wish I was a better cook. :)

The beautiful weather is taking it's toll on my dog. He is shedding, and driving me nuts. I vacuum up the floor at least once a day, and I will normally vacuum off the couch twice a day. If someone tries to tell you pugs don't shed, they are just trying to sell you one. I wish I could think of some practical use for pug hair, I'd be a rich woman.

I feel bad for my puppy though, my son and he have decided to declare war for my attention, my lap, and general being. And I don't think the dog is winning. He is still fed, given water and taken for several long walks outside a day, but he has been dethroned as the spoiled child in our family. He is so desperate for my attention that when I sit down he dives into my lap from across the room. My how things have changed in only 18 months.

Sorry my thoughts are so random today, not enough sleep I think. I've been burning the candle at both ends scrapping and doing CME's (continuing medical education). Have to finish 100 by June 30th, one more to go. I hope, like us, you are taking full advantage of this beautiful weather!


Jen said...

Your layout is gorgeous. I love the design. I too wish I was a better cook. I don't enjoy cooking so maybe that's the problem. ;)

laverneboese said...

I love your layout...simply beautiful!!!!!

Kristii Lockart said...

I totally love this layout!! Awesome!!

Brenda Hurd said...

super cute -love the blocks!

Nicole said...

lol at 'alternate uses for pug hair'...you crack kme up Danielle!