Wednesday, March 26, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things. . .

Everyday is a gift. Some are wrapped in shiny paper and beautiful bows, and others in paper bags. But everyday is a gift. --Me

I have been having a pity party on this blog about doing my test. I'm up to question 205, and hopefully I will get my life back in about a week. I can hang in there until then. But I was thinking, I wonder if Oprah works on the "favorite things" episode when she gets bummed. I hope so.

Here are a few of my favorite things for you loyal blog readers. Hope you find something you love.

Skin-I always get compliments on my skin and I thought I'd share a few things:
1. St Ives Apricot Scrub (or generic)-this is really good to exfoliate with 2-3 times per week, gets all the dead skin cells off and leaves nice skin. It's fairly inexpensive and the generic at Walmart is like a dollar.
2. Aveeno Radiant Moisturizer--good at getting rid of sun spots, evening out skin tone.
Honestly, that's all I wear most days. Lip gloss and undereye concealer sometimes if I want to get dressed up.

Food-I love Fresh Express Bagged Salad $2-3 in either Asian Supreme or Enchilada Supreme. It comes with everything you need for an amazing restaurant quality salad. I add some Tysons Crispy chicken strips ($5 for a huge bag) for a meal. They take either 15 mins in the oven, or you can microwave them if you are in a big hurry (but I'd really recommend the oven to maintain the crisp.) The dressings are so good, even my better half loves the Asian chicken salad, and he is a meat and potatoes guy. Cheap, Fast, Healthy, and soooo good.

Scrap--My friend Ali gave me my next tip. It is the online store A Million Little things. What an amazing store, I love it. Check out the what's new section, she updates that thing every day I swear! And the shipping is fast. But, leave some for us, K?

Paper--I love scenic Route grid paper. It is a throwback to my bookworm self. So fun.

Books--Tuesday Morning is having Sandra Lee cook books on sale for $7. I have paid as much as 3 times that, and I think mine are worth every penny. I hope this isn't a local sale, because they are amazing and you will love them.

Hope you are having a bright and shiny bow day friends!


Kazan said...

I actually found a few things that I love about your favorite things. Will have to give a few of them extra thought and also maybe think about doing my own "O-" I mean "K-List" :)

Janet said...

I love the St.Ives!!! good luck with all those questions!


janel said...

Sure would love to see that pretty skin in real life someday....:)
Great tips on the salads too. Have a great day...keep plugging along, and before you know it, your favorite thing will be a completed test!

ali mclaughlin said...

Glad you liked the store as much as I do!