Thursday, March 6, 2008

For the love of J.

Thursdays we do stuff for J. Although, everyday we do stuff for J, but Thursdays are special. We are returning library books and picking up new ones. We go outside and play everyday, but make an extra special effort to stay long today. I try to make him his favorite lunch. Life moves so fast, this is the only way I know to slow it down and be grateful. Well, that and with photos/scrapping.

I think he had trouble sleeping because he is starting to talk a lot more. He learned a new skill, he can repeat words exactly as they are said to him and his vocab has grown in the past 48 hours in leaps and bounds. I should have known that, but I was too exhausted to figure out the mystery.

Speaking of mystery, I found the missing movie. And my earring. I guess I should pick up a lotto ticket, 'cause I feel lucky! I got this magnetic chalkboard on sale at Pottery Barn this week, it will go in the scrap room to hold photos and paper while I deliberate.

Tomorrow is Friday. I've got big work to do.


Kazan said...

Love the idea of setting a day aside that is special -even though we do special things all the time. A special day for special thing is like having a b/day once a week. Who would not love that! I left a little "compliment" award for you on my blog. Just to say thanks for making my Day!

janel said...

Yea, I was sure that movie would appear...:)
You will be surprised at what finds you will discover as the years go by!
Enjoy your day and have hoping you will be wearing your Friday Pants tomorrow.

Shere said...

Love the board and the layout! Both so clean looking. TFS.

Anonymous said...

i love your "thursday" idea...very cool. also love the PB board - you'll have to keep us posted on how it works for you!