Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh Friday. . .

So glad you are here! Come in, stay a while.

I'm up to 251 out of 300, Woohoo! The end is getting close, I can almost taste it! I do have about 60 questions marked for review, because I'm not positive I have the right answer, but I can review those a couple a day no problem once I'm done. And even if I had to leave my answers as is right now, they are my best guesses at the moment and will probably stand anyway, unless I can find new info between now and April 25.

My head wants to get into a creative groove so bad. I can't wait!

It's hot here today, had to turn the AC on. J and I were dying at the playground. I went down the twisty slide approximately 26 times today. :)

"Hope your friday is full of pizza and beer"--that's a quote from my better half.
Happy Friday!

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janel said...

My Friday was full of California Pizza Kitchen pizza and coke...and a chocolate covered strawberry for is good. Keep plugging away, you are almost finished. I presume you are wearing your Friday pants today?