Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey Monday

Having quite a Monday. Feeling like I just don't have a lot interesting to say. Looking forward to the end of the month, Halloween, etc. J won't take his costume off, a firefighter who won't wear pants. (insert eye roll) Looking forward to my mom visiting next weekend. Looking forward to closing on the house at the end of the month. Otherwise, nothing else terribly exciting going on. I think I bored my self just typing that, I'm yawning. Seriously. :)
Since I feel like all I did was tease you with sneaks last time, here is an actual layout for American crafts, with the new junior line. J loves the embellishments, he played with that robot for 45 mins. :)
Almo Three
Supplies: American Crafts Patterned paper Junior We're Number 1! and TaDa!; American Crafts Delight Thickers-white; American Crafts Junior Foil Printed Chipboard Embellishments; American Crafts Junior Go! Flair Embellishment; American Crafts White and Cranberry Cardstock
J's word for almost is Almo. (Sounds like Nemo, Elmo, and Mymo.) I'll save you some googling, there are no peacock or blue colored American Crafts Delight thickers. I inked the white ones, they will take any color ink you put on them. I love that. Wait 5 or 10 mins for it to dry before using them. If you use my tip on the AC blog of using the clear backing from the Flair embellishments, you can ink them right on that and wipe the backing off with a tissue to clean. Super easy. I wanted to use the blue rocketeer thickers, but I forgot to measure before I printed. Oops. It happens. :)
Lastly, a couple of more sneaks for Cocoa Daisy:
The reveal is Wednesday night! Join us on the message boards, we will be chatting about any and everything! Happy Monday to you! Until tomorrow.


janel said...

Just darling! Loving the blue for AJ...perfect. I am not ready for October...too much chance for snow, wind and the weather elements that don't agree with me. Here's to lots of sunshine!

Allison said...

Can't believe it's almost October! Good luck on the house closing. Love the LO. And the tip on the ink - I'll have to try it!

Lisa Dorsey said...

I just love changing the thickers colors like that. Another fabulous layout girl!

Denise said...

I've been misting my white thickers. Love how versatile they are. Wonderful layout and sneaks. I feel unexciting today. Sorry my comment is boring. Some days I got it and other days not so much. Kind of like mooning with pants on. I don't know where that comment came from. Yikes! Have a great Tuesday.

Susan Beth said...

I love coloring my letters! Gives so much flexibility! And frankly, I'm not bored reading about your stuff - I mean, come on! You're about to be a home owner!

Bethany Kartchner said...

What a fantastic page! Great job!