Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday random

Hi, not much to say today. I'll let my layout do the talking for me.
I'm feeling kind of lonely here on my blog, if you are out there say hi, K?
I could really use some encouragement to keep blogging. :)


Kate said...


Jen S said...

Hey - love this layout. Great, classic design.
Keep blogging. As you make the rounds to other blogs and post more pics/LO's, the comments will come. I find that I often use my blog entries as a source for journaling on later layouts. Ready-made...cool!

ali mclaughlin said...

Love the layout!Are you back to scrapping now?

janel said...

Good evening!
Popping in..love this layout, and love the way you photographed your cutie pie!

Keep blogging...I know that lots of people peek and don't leave comments, that is just the nature of people. You will treasure this blog the longer you do it...it is a wonderful memory keeper!

Angie said...

Keep blogging! I love your scap pages. They are beautiful and very inspirational. And congrats on getting through your test!

Kazan said...

Ok -You need to keep blogging because your work is amazing, you are funny and loyal.
I need to be inspired by your work so I need your blog!
Keep posting and I will give you more...