Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breaking the Silence

This is a layout I did for the Colorstory challenge. It's a really cool site and I was deep in scrappers block when I found it. I was so grateful for the inspiration.

Apparently J can talk now. He went from saying only Mum, and Gee (dog-gee) for the past 7 months to talking in complete sentences. We went to the playground on Friday, and he ran up to the tall horse and said (I kid you not), "Mum help me." I was floored and stood there like an idiot. Which of course prompted him to speak again. "Mum, mum. Help!" I went that time. Wow, I'm so amazed.

He also communicates better now too. He can say "Yes" and "No", and mean it. He says "done." He even gets the concept of do this first then that. For example, let's clean up this mess before we get another game out. He understands that, it's amazing! I was almost to the point where I was starting to worry that he was not talking. He is also pretending to do everything I do, and is playing with things and pretending they are other things. For example, if I am cooking, he has fake food and pretends to chop it and cook it. Another example, he was playing with his high chair, driving it around making his car noise and going beep, beep. Over night he is a different kid, I guess childhood is like that. Fleeting. I'm just desperately trying to capture a little bit of it.

Guess I should get off the computer and go do that, uh?


Vee said...

super cute layout!! ;)

janel said...

I had NO worries here...I knew he would all of a sudden talk in sentences....he is modeling you!!! out kiddo what comes out of your mouth.......he will copy everything!

Kazan said...

Love the layout. Alex has suddenly started talking leaps and bounds too. the sweetest little girl voice ever. Gotta love that. So have you got use to my new look yet? I had a hair trim and don't care for it much - hence turning to changes on my blog...

So Many Scraps said...

lovely blog! lovin the layout