Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Red, red, they call me red."

It's from Dr. Seuss, Hop on Pop.
For as long as I can remember, my hair has always appeared red in photos. I think it is an optical illusion, that the brown has some golden blond and it just appears red. I really don't like photos of myself though, not because of the red thing.
I'm just shy I guess.

I'm having trouble sleeping, and I can't even blame it on J. So, I'm exercising more and eating healthy and going outside every chance we get. I don't know many people where we live, and I'm worried that I might get depressed if I just keep hanging around the house. The test didn't help anything either. It got me in a pattern of isolation for 3 weeks straight. Not good.

My better half is brilliant. He suggested giving the guest bed to J, and getting a futon for the scraproom. That way, the 1-2 times a year when I need it, I have a bed, but otherwise I will have lots of floor space to scrap or play with J. I love that, we are going to move the bed ASAP, since we have nothing to lose and try it out.

I'm also thinking of shaking up the scrapping, possibly doing 12 x 12. I'm a little worried about the photographing, but, I take pictures of a constantly in motion toddler--how much harder could it be? I figure that like the futon, I'll try it. If I like it, wide-format printer here I come baby.

Have a great Wednesday and thank you everyone who stopped by to encourage me to keep at it.


Davinie said...

The red is adorable! Cherish the red.

janel said...

Hey, the 12 is fun...but the most fun have a choice. I love 6 x 12 mini books, 8", and all the different sizes.....I just like having the freedom to do whatever size I want. The photographing 12' layouts is no biggie....way easier that you think.
Have fun and hope your face is always to the sunshine!

note: You know I LOVE red, huh??

ali mclaughlin said...

Wow.. well your hair looks brown in real life! You should take more photos of yourself!

Kazan said...

Ok so I don't know you as any other color other than a Red Head. I cannot believe it is brown because it is VERY red in pictures :) Actually come to think of it Alex is Blondish Brown and when I photograph her she comes across Red too (See that Layout I did of her titled Explore. Let us know how the bed/futon thing works out.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hello..found you through your link over at Memorable Seasons. I have always done 12 by 12 but than I have only scrapped for a couple of years. Give it a go! I know what you mean about blogging. I have a lot of hits on my site but not so many replies. I guess people want to look but don't want to take the time to reply? Anyways love your scrapping! See ya over at MS! cherry

inki said...

Hi, just found your blog via 2peas..hope you keep blogging!