Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick as a dog

No, not me. My pug, my dog. He is sick. He has a horrible ear infection, and I spent a small fortune on big gun antibiotics and steroids. It's been an incredibly long day for all of us. Me and the little ones.

This is the project I promised you over the weekend, that I forgot about and then remembered. I think the key to this look is to buy a nice frame. This one is from Barnes of Boston at Linens and Things $20. Other than that, scraps of paper and a transparency. I love that it matches my master bedroom and bathroom perfectly. (I know because I held the scraps up to the bedding and the towels. How anal is that?!)

Well, I have to go scrap something. Between the vet bills and the recent increase in food bills, I feel a little guilty buying more cardstock and stickers. But it is cheaper than therapy.

1 comment:

janel said...

Love love that. So classic. Heck...scrapping is therapy, so my philosophy, you still have lots to spend in order to catch up with the going rate. Have fun!
Hope Sammi is feeling better by now.