Friday, April 25, 2008

Mr. Bones

There is a saying in medicine that I think also applies so perfectly to photography. "The eye doesn't see what the mind doesn't know." This photo is the merging of my two loves, my two lives, the art and the science. I've had Mr. Bones a long time, and I whispered in his ear this morning that I hope he gives me luck tonight as the test ends and the scoring begins.

I just got back from taking the puppy to the vet for an ear re-check. I have serious sticker shock. The running tally on the ear infection, which requires another two weeks of antibiotics (gorilla-zillin), is $700. That includes updating every vaccine since he is having to go to the vet and be around sick dogs. I love my pug silly, but good heavens. I feel like I am single handedly paying for the vet's new building. I know it was a horrible infection, but it's starting to feel excessive. As long as he is doing well (and he is), I won't go back in 2 weeks for the re-check, to the tune of another $40 plus $39 for a culture plus whatever else they decide I *need*.

TGIF, hope you all have a great one!


~Amie~ said...

love that photo of "mr. bones"! good luck on your test!

Kazan said...

I can't believe this is IT on the test - it seems like you have been working for EVA on it and now it is the end...whew! I bet tomorrow is going to be one hecka-va party - bones and all.

janel said...

yea for you! I have no fear that you will pass with flying colors! Maybe we need a layout of Mr. Bones?
Enjoy your freedom!