Friday, April 18, 2008

Girls are mean

Well, I finally found my mother. She was about as happy as a person who has just had their vacation ruined could be. But my mission was to find her and tell her about Grandma and to call her brother. So, my mission is complete. I haven't heard anything from my uncle, but I figure no news is good news at this point. I have to hand it to the emergency service, they never gave up looking for her. It was bad timing, right about the time we started looking for her, the ship docked in Cozumel, Mexico. It is hard to find people when the ship is in port. My mom said her cell phone didn't work either, she kept having to go through a Spanish speaking operator and my mom doesn't know Spanish. Yet everyone thought a cruise to the Caribbean was a fabulous idea. :)

J and I took our new trucks to the park yesterday, only to have them promptly taken away by a little girl. She was about 2 and very pushy. She pushed J out of going down the slide, and then proceeded to run over and take his toys. I told J, "Now let that be a lesson to you son, girls are mean." I dare any woman on the planet to argue with me, because you know it's true. I think the thing that shocked me the most was that her mom just let her do all of it. I'm not used to other people's children, so maybe this is normal?? Until I had a child, I didn't hang out with children.

2 layouts for you, and neither with any AC Thickers.
Will wonders never cease?
Have a great weekend!

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ali mclaughlin said...

How awful about that little girl.. and more awful about the mom doing nothing. Hope you had a nice weekend! We just got back, I am wiped out.