Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't you just love Chemistry?

I do, but then, I guess I've spent a disproportionate amount of my life taking and teaching chemistry class. Actually, I took a assistant teaching position for a couple of semesters to earn money to visit my dh at his college. And I needed that chemistry minor to get into physician assistant school.

Yep I love chemistry.

Especially this new release from Cosmo Cricket:

You will want to visit the Cosmo blog too. You could win some! :)

Yesterday we went to the patch. I was worried for about 1/2 hour that we had been stood up, my friend and her dd were very late. But, it went really well and J was tired after the experience. So was I too though. The pics are still on my camera. It was a rough night last night for poor J, he fell out of bed! I heard the thump and then the wail. Just awful, and I'd love to forget that awful sound. He doesn't appear to have any injury from it, and I doubt he even remembers this morning.

Just a really quick layout with the Studio Calico Oct. kit:

Happy Tuesday! And go get you some of that eye candy that is Chemistry by Cosmo. :)


Jen said...

Aww, poor little J. Accidents and boys seem to go hand in hand - just check out my blog entry for today. ;)

Love your SC layout and the Cosmo sneak is exciting!

Tiffany said...

Poor little J! That has happened to Madi a number of times. I am glad he doesn't appear really hurt. I am sure he doesn't remember it =) But unfortuntaly you do.

Great layout!

Susan Beth said...

Love the layout! That thud always gets my heart going. Glad the pumpkin patch worked out. Don't think we are going to make it there this year, which is a bummer!

kristina said...

Yikes. Poor J! I bet that was most scary for Mommy! I'm sure falling out of the bed a few times is a given. LOVE that new CC line! I went to the blog and I hope I win! LOL! LOVE that sweet layout, too! I hope you're having a great week so far, girl! Hugs!

lauren said...

cute layout!

Dettao said...

aww, poor little guy. Love your layouts and the bag idea is a good one.

Kristii said...

What a fun new line!! Love your layout too!! YOu know I love all your work girl!! My boy had tons of accidents and we get to tease him all about it these days!! Sending some hugs your way!!

Rita said...

Nothing worse than when they fall out of bed :( Love your LO, so simple, yet so gorgeous!!

Allie said...

I love the new line much more than I love actual chemistry!! haha! Really didn't like my chemistry teacher. Unfortunately. Awesome awesome LO - love what you did with the Sassafrass. Hope the little guy wasn't too freaked out by the fall! Poor J.