Friday, October 17, 2008

Change in plans

Well, our plans got cancelled. I cleaned up yesterday so that we could go to the pumpkin patch with my friend Amy and her daughter Ella today. But, Amy called yesterday afternoon and said Ella was sick. Plus the weather was supposed to be bad here this morning, although it is beautiful now. So, now we are supposed to go Monday instead. That gives me time to make Ella a little Halloween something or other this weekend. The silver lining right?
Today I am thinking of running up to Toys R Us to look at somethings I've seen online that I have my eye on for J for Christmas. I think I'd like to get J a toy kitchen, but I want to look at them first. Step 2 has a diner, which seems a little more boyish I guess. Just some things I'm considering. I love the Step 2 catalog, such great stuff in there. My only concern about a kitchen or whatever is the size! Where do you put these things? My friend Nora Ann on the Memorable Seasons board had the best quote though, I love this: 
Trying to clean while the children are growing is like trying to shovel snow while it is still snowing.
I'm so using that on a layout soon. :) Well little man is talking up a storm, that's what the layout below is about:

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Jack's World Lessons (front and back); plus Black and White Bazzil cardstock, American Crafts thickers, Pink paislee letter stickers, and 7 Gypsies sticker 
Instructions: Print text on white cardstock via computer. Cut Cosmo patterned paper, about 3 inches off the side and turn over. Adhere as seen here. Add letter stickers and quote sticker. Mount to black cardstock.
I've got some projects I'm working on, hoping to finish this weekend. I hate when my desk is a mess. Hope you have beautiful weather for a wonderful fall weekend. 


Helsbells said...

Cute layout! Love the white space :)

Lauren said...

Very cute layout!!
I debated getting my daughter a kitchen last year, but I didn't because of their size..I don't want to be looking at it all day..
I have enough toys around as it is! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love that green "writing" paper!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

very sweet layout...and that quote is so fitting for my house as well. why do i even bother cleaning anything at all? ever?

NoraAnne said...

I found this play kitchen last year that includes a BBQ.....I thought about getting it for Luke, since it's a little more "masculine". I never wound up getting it because my SIL bought him a different one, but I think it's cute for boys!

I love that quote! I'm surprised I've never done a layout using it! I'll have to add that to my to do list! Have a great weekend!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Love the topic of that layout! My girls at 7&9 still play with their kitchen. I remember when we first got it my nine year old couldn't even open the microwave. :)

janel said...

So darn cute, and make me wish I would have done a better job at recording things when L and L were little, as I thought I would always remember, but guess what....not so.
Have a great weekend.
Our kids loved their kitchen set,(Little Tykes individual pieces, refrig.,etc. and we had a great space in the kitchen..a closet that housed a washer and dryer..we moved it, so the kids had their own kitchen, in our kitchen..and they cooked and played right beside me. It was GREAT!

Rita said...

What a wonderful LO! Love the design and your clever title :)

Susan Beth said...

Love the quote! Stuggle to know how much room to dedicate to toys is a familiar one.

Vee said...

I totally love this layout!!! we are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend!