Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn Overdose

Ok, I have fall picture overload. And I'm pretty sure that I was able to cram all my new autumn memories into one week, last week. And I still have all of last years fall photos to scrap too. This is getting way out of hand. I went to a blog the other day called Paper Rhino. And I laughed because I'm sure that title fits me, but not as much as Photo Rhino. And I know I should try to maybe scrap more than one photo at a time, but that's part of my simple philosophy in life. Just do what is easy and makes you happy and doesn't bother anyone else on the planet. It's kind of a bummer that it will take me the rest of my life to scrap all these pics. I guess I can think of worse ways to go or spend my time.

Some Cosmo for you; Haunted meets some new embellishments from Studio Calico:

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Patterned Paper Haunted: Eerie, Them Bones, Gothic and Nevermore; plus Basic Grey Obscure chipboard letters and Me and My big ideas pumpkin.

Instructions: Use scraps of patterned paper cut in the above pattern. Print text on scrap paper via computer. Add pumpkin and letters.

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Patterned Paper Haunted: Them Bones and Ominous; plus My Mind's Eye Circle Tag, Tim Holtz hardware, K&Company Glitter sticker and Bazzil black cardstock.

Instructions: Place photo, text and title in photoshop document and print. Add strips of Them Bones patterned paper to Ominous patterned paper and adhere to black cardstock. Place circle tag, make a hole in the center for hardware attachment. Add photo, then add glitter sticker. Adhere extra hardware to the cardstock.

Kind of struggling with something. What do toddlers like to eat? Any ideas? I'd love to know, as mine changes his mind on what he likes by the hour. I'm thinking of trying some new things out, really confuse him. Hope you have a good Tuesday.


Lauren said...

I am so with you on the photo overdose!! I am always drowning in pictures..Oh well..
Toddler Foods--let's see..Maybe-String cheese, mini babybels, yogurt, fruit cups, mini bagel pizzas, edamame..I struggle with my little one too..Her tastes change ALL the time!

Barb said...

Cute layouts and pics. As for the foods...I hardly remember the toddler years!

mommy2alex said...

Great layouts, love how you mixed the SC with fallish stuff!!
My ds is SO picky, but as a toddler, he was a better eater - string cheese, drinkable yogurts, frozen gogurts, orange jello cups with mandarin oranges. I've been making the chocolate chip mini muffins lately (just the simple package ones that you add milk to), I don't add all of the milk it calls for, give it a squirt of chocolate syrup and add in a container of mixed veggies baby food (gotta get veggies in this kid somehow!).
Good luck!

Susan Beth said...

Love the layouts, and that you only use one picture on some. Just means more scrapping to be done - good for us, and hopefully good for you! As for that eating thing - it can certainly be a challenge. My son loved (still does) yams, and they made me feel so good because they are so good for him. Also, butternut squash, most any bread thing, even if I snuck in some veggies in the bisquits. What he doesn't know might actually be good for him. Lots of variety is always a good thing. One thing I wish I did better was just not cater to my son's whims. If I made it and served it, that should have been it. Now, at 8 we are having to implement that discipline. Its hard, but in the long run it will be worth it.

Allie said...

Unfortunately I have no toddler food recommendations! Little man is looking so grown up. :) I understand the photo OD. Especially since I started doing more 1-photo LO's! I used to cram in a ton of pics on a regular basis. Eh well. Like you say, there are much worse ways to spend time.

Anonymous said...

I always love your style :) I love fall so much I don't think I could ever get a fall overload! lol.

Ally said...

Based on the new reports that kids need double what was being recommended for daily dairy intake, I think the cheese and yogurts are a good idea.

I think the thing to remember is variety and lots of fruit and vegetables. Now is the time to teach the tastebuds that all kinds of flavors are good. Don't OD on the starches or you'll be pizza, mac/cheese and chicken fingers forever and those will be hard habits to break!

Keep the foods pure and fresh - lots of different fixings - from spinach with cheese to mangoes and papaya.

My kids tried to be picky eaters when they were little but I just kept giving them new foods and never catered - it worked! Today at 17 and 20, they'll eat anything from venison to squid!

Suzanne Webb said...

Hey, I think you have a great philosophy...and it obviously works, because your layouts are always works of art! :)

NoraAnne said...

I struggle with the toddler menu too! Some different things we've tried for Luke that he has liked and are semi-healthy/healthy!
Turkey Meatloaf or Turkey Meatballs (you can sneak veggies in there!!!)
Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas
Edamame (ShopRite sells little snack size bags with Dora on them, that tricks Luke into eating them!)
Carrot Sticks or Red Pepper strips (he likes to dip them in ranch dressing)
old standby-PB&J, he recently started to love it! we give it to him on whole wheat bread or waffles.
Surprisingly he likes crackers dipped in roasted pepper hummus (we found that out by accident!)
And he loves fruit, when he got tired of the usual apples, bananas, etc. we gave him mangoes, pineapple, raspberries, kiwi..he loves them all!
Drinkable yogurt is another of his favorites! I think the key is, like Ally said, variety, don't be afraid to experiment and let him try everything. If he doesn't like it the first time, he might like it a week later!

NoraAnne said...

p.s. Sorry for writing a novel!!! I got carried away!

Lisa Dorsey said...

I am right there with you on the abundance of fall photos. Great layouts!

AnnaMarie said...

Your fall LO's are gorgeous! So inspiring and what adorable pics! :)
And I swear sometimes that if it wasn't for yogurts and string cheese, I think my kids would starve in their toddler years LOL!