Monday, May 18, 2009

One is the loneliest number

I am all for recycling. I am, however, the only person on my street that puts out recycling bins with any kind of consistency. I'll have 3 bins usually and none of my neighbors have any at all most weeks. I thought I had my days for recycling mixed up at first, but it's been that way for almost 2 years now. And while I don't consider it particularly difficult to put out the recycling, it does take a little more effort than just tossing it in the trash. And sometimes I'm a little resentful that my neighbors don't even try.

When we first moved here, I tried desperately to figure out this recycling mystery. I called my Mom and explained the situation. She put me on speaker phone and my Dad walked in. I should give you background that even though most people would find me pretty conservative, compared to my Father everyone is a flaming liberal.

Me: I don't understand it, how can they not recycle anything? Ever?
My Mom: Well, maybe they aren't home.
Me: What do you mean?
Dad walks in: Is that my Birkenstock wearing, bra-burning, flaming liberal daughter?
Me: Yep, it's me Dani Dad. (as opposed to the other one, my sister)
Dad: Why don't you go hug a tree and stop worrying about what your neighbors are up to?
Me: Sounds good. Hey, I need to talk to Mom about a female period thing.
Me: Is he gone?
My Mom: Yep, in the garage.
Me: What do you mean they aren't home? They live here right?
My Mom: It's so expensive to live there, they probably work all day. Maybe they recycle at work?

Which is a possibility. Or maybe they don't buy the things I do. Like propel or Tide or cereal. Then I start to feel guilty. Maybe if I didn't buy such recyclable stuff I wouldn't have to schlep my recycling to the curb either. So this is karma kicking my butt for drinking propel, which while infinitely better than soda still comes in a stupid plastic container. So now I just feel ashamed, branded with a green recycling bin as someone who disregards the environment with grocery purchases. Am I the only one with strange paranoid delusional thoughts about recycling? Just checking. :)
This layout uses a recycled piece of a Fuji apple bag. I just liked it, I don't typically raid my trash for scrap supplies. The photo is from the local farmers market, J is pulling my leg and I took this over my shoulder in a hurry, can't believe it's not blurry.
Foodie Layout
Supplies: Cosmo cricket Early Bird Patterned paper: Apron Strings, Ribbon Sandwich, Sunrise, Farmers Market; Cosmo Cricket Early bird Ready set Chipboard; plus white bazzil cardstock, Basic grey chocolate alphas, and piece of bag from fuji apples.
Instructions: Cut 4 pieces of Cosmo patterned paper into the design above (rectangles more so than perfect squares. Add journaling, photo and alphas to white cardstock. Adhere mesh, then white cardstock. Add Cosmo embellishment last
Happy Monday to you! Thanks for stopping by this weekend! Until tomorrow.


Amy said...

great LO!

Houston said...

Oh I love that layout, that little piece of toast is so darn cute and those colors are fantastic with that photo!
We recycle, but have to provide our own bin so we use a large outdoor trash can and it's totally full by the time two weeks rolls around, that's our recycle day... every two weeks! For living in a state that is all about the outdoors you would think we would recycle every week. We have that one sort recycling which I find suspicious, do they really sort it or does it go in the landfill? I've wondered this many times as I haul that bin to the curb. See, you are totally not alone in you recycling paranoia!

happydays525 said...

Super fun layout, love those papers!

Lynn said...

love your project. and your conversation made me laugh. i too recycle and most of the block. amazing what you see in those bins tho. lol!

janel said...

Oh...our neighbors recycle, religiously. In fact, Our program is excellent, and if it doesn't go into the city provided bin, the city provides a great recycle location for all the other things. I am actually working on making some "plarn" right now...yarn made out of the white turn it into yarn to make re-useable shopping bags. Hang in there....the neighbors will wonder what you are up to!

erika said...

nice layout. :)

Kate said...

My dad is as conservative as you can get on most issues, right wing. BUT on recycling they started in the 70's seriously you just can't waste everything was his view. Very into Clean air, clean water and clean energy! if we don't need their oil the Middle East can go pound salt...

Love that layout! That is very much how my family has become!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

nice laugh =) =) that was a cool touch with the wrapper too !

Denise said...

Hmmm...wonder what they are doing with their recycling. My community requires recycling. If you missed two recycling pick ups Big Brother comes and gets you. True. Lots of my neighbors have mysteriously disappeared. I'm scared not to take my Tide bottles to the curb. ;o)

Lydia said...

great LO, and no worries your not the only one recycling, naturally it would be better if we were all a little greener, but it is coming.

Terri said...

Oh your dads description of you made me laugh and I mean really loud. and your neighbors are lucky they don't live in the NW then. We have had manditory recycling for over 10 years now.

You guys should just move up here with all the other recycling tree huggin birkenstock wearing liberal hippies live!

Kelly said...

I think they just might be too lazy to bother recycling!
Love the layout Danielle xxx

Vee said...

awesome layout! everyone in my neighborhood is really good about recycling, every bit helps!

Lisa Dickinson said...

Well you know, recycling and Birk wearing go hand-in-hand, right?!? :P
I have the same complaint about my neighbors - I just think they are too lazy to recycle.

Elisa said...

The dialog between you and your parents made me laugh and I needed that.
It's like a mini-portrait of the 3 of you.

Love the LO and apple bag too.

Penny B. said...

This is GORGEOUS! Keep on recycling...know that you are doing something good for the earth! I've heard people say recycling is "too much work" - maybe that's it??