Monday, May 4, 2009

But what a way to go

This has been a very busy weekend, and don't worry, this is most likely my last post about houses for a while. After I posted Saturday morning, we met with our realtor to look at houses. We looked most of the weekend. We drudged through the weather, rainy and nasty, which meant we had to take our shoes off at every house, and that slowed us up a little. Having a two year old also slows you up a little. But J was so good, he really was.

We didn't find anything we wanted. We saw two very nice houses, ironically the cheapest houses too, in the worst neighborhoods and the worst school district. We didn't even get to see our top 3 picks in the good neighborhoods because after being on the market for less than 72 hours, all three had multiple offers on them. The interest rates went down and the home buyers were out in force. We did see one older home that was kept up nicely. Some of the homes were so bad I can't believe anyone would show them like that, and have the nerve to ask over 1/2 million dollars for them. It's like insult to injury really.

So after much deliberation, we decided to wait until the fall to look again. The prices here have gone up at least $50,000 since the leaves on the trees came out. We realize we are taking a risk by waiting 4.5 months, and that if things continue at the pace they are now, we will be effectively priced out of the market, again. But it's a chance I feel like we have to take. We don't want to compete with 3 other people, paying full asking price, for a very old house that needs alot of work, in a good school district/neighborhood. At least in the fall we might be able to get a little bit of a discount on such a place, maybe. It's so hard to wait, so hard to just be still. I still believe our house is out there, maybe it's just not ready yet.

We got home pretty late for us, around 6pm both nights. Saturday I cooked anyway not wanting to go out to eat. Sunday, I was just done. We ate at Chipotle. I figured that if I got the swine flu, well, anyone who knows me would say, "She went out in a haze of guacamole goodness, it's how she would have wanted it." So far, we are all still healthy.

I didn't get to do anything I wanted to do this weekend. The laundry is piled up. I had hoped to do some pages and work on loading my mom's birthday present with photos:

But I didn't get to that either. I always have such high expectations for my mom's birthday and Christmas, I want to give her a really personal photo gift you know? Like a book, or calendar or digital photo frame, but I never leave myself enough time to get it done. I feel like I fail every time. I'm determined to finish this and not get a Macy's gift card, again.

Hope you have a great Monday! It's still raining here, seriously thinking about working on an arc. As if I had time for such endeavours. :)


ellen s. said...

i hear you about the Macy's gift cards. sometimes i think they should pay me for as many as i get.

good luck on the housing front, it is never easy buying ... selling...phew! i hope it goes well for you

Houston said...

Amen to the Macy's gift card comment above and I wish you a little extra time to get the gift done!

As far as buying a house, it's not easy and it's not fun, no matter that they make it look that way on TV. I hope that you guys will enjoy a summer that doesn't include house hunting and then be ready to go again in the fall, sometimes it really helps to take a step back and approach it again with fresh eyes.

Good luck with the ark building!

Kristii said...

HOuse hunting is not always easy, but the right house will come along. I don't blame you for waiting a bit. You never know though, sometimes the best deals come by word of mouth rather than a Real Estate Agent.

Good luck on making your mom a gift!!! Homemade really is best!!
Have a great day!

Kate said...

you said that horrible nasty dirty word in your blog !!! you should be ashamed!!! Using the L word (laundry) I cringe just thinking about it...ROFL!

happydays525 said...

Hang in there! Hope you can find some time soon to get crafty!

Lynn said...

ack. i so don't envy you househunting. good luck w/the ark. and laundry. blech.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Sorry to hear that the house hunting didn't go so well girl. :( I know what you mean about how some people keep their houses. Amazing isn't it. Hugs to you. I know your new house will find you in time.

Sarah said...

I think that an Arc is over-rated! It would be smelly and could result in some deadly sea-sickness. But on the up-side, it would eliminate the need to buy a house ;)

Suzanne said...

Ah hunting is so daunting. I hope you guys are able to find something you like soon. I love the going out in a guacamole haze very funny. We love Chipotle.

MollyPeckham said...

macy's gift card...i know that my mom would have loved that! :)

i so do hope that your house buying gets easier for you!

Linda said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the unsuccessful house-hunting. You never know - when you're NOT looking will be the time when something falls into your lap. Crossing my fingers that it will work this way for you. I'm cracking up about your Chipotle comment!