Friday, April 10, 2009

No, no, no!

It's the soundtrack to my days lately. May you get everything you wish for right? I wanted him to speak, and now I'm looking for the mute button. Examples:

Me: Do you want to eat breakfast?
J: E? No, no.
Me: Would you like waffles or eggs?
J: No.
Me: Do you want to go outside today?
J: No, no.
Me: How about a snack?
J: No.
Me: I think it's time for lunch.
J: No, no.
Me: It's definitely nap time.
J: No, no, no, no!

(later in the day)
J playing with his toys in the living room while I clean the lunch dishes: No, no, no.
Me: Are you fighting with your own self?
J: No, no.
Me: (Sigh) Of course not.
It's maddening, as you can tell. But I'll take contrary over hitting any day of the week I guess. And sometimes it's really funny, because he says no like he's really thought about it. I bite my tongue a lot to keep from laughing and making him really upset. Strangers hear us in the food store with the soundtrack of me asking him questions and his constant negativity and my sarcastic comments and laugh. What else are you going to do?
The cold is improving. J is still snotty, but improving. I cleaned up the living room/kitchen for company, my parents this weekend. Went to watch Grey's last night and it was a re-run and got suckered into watching House Hunters. It was kind of painful to watch other people get their dream house, definitely not a good use of my time.  Sorry about the picture less post but this is getting kind of long. Without further ado:
The RAK goes to:  

True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-10 17:43:35 UTC

So lucky number 4, Susan Beth! That's my lucky number too. Please send me an email with your address via either SC or peas and I'll get this out next week. I've filled the box! LOL Seriously, I wish I could have filled several boxes, there were many comments that I had my fingers crossed for. Have a great Easter weekend, still hoping to do something crafty. I'll post if I do. Happy Easter!


Pamela said...

LOL...maybe he will grow out of the "no's" soon. :)

Houston said...

No was my first word... my poor mother:) Now onto House Hunters, I used to look at it that way but really I am just super curious about how other people live so I watch it to see the houses and what people have done with them. Hope you all have a great Easter!

Susan Beth said...

NO! NO! NO! I can't believe it! I won, really! Super wonderful! Glad J is verbalizing! I'll send you an email through SC right away.
Happy Easter! Enjoy your family visit!

ellen s. said...

aw, that is so cute reading it but i am sure aggrevating none-the-less! and here is to cleaning {sigh}

marilyn said...

Isn't it amazing how well they learn that one word . . . it does get better, though.

Anonymous said...

lol...I always do that w/ my giveaways too--cross my fingers for certain people! lol. Caeden does the no thing too, except he mostly just shakes his head and he says no sometimes even if he means's just like his answer to questions is an automatic shake of the head. oh well.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

how funny! i went through the same talking issue with my oldest. not a peep 'til he was 4. and now he NEVER shuts up! but what on earth did we ever do without them?

Happy Easter!

Rita said...

I love to have funny, sarcastic conversations with the kids too, lol! My DD is only 19 mos, but loves the word yes! Go figure. I bet the obsession with the word "no" is right around the corner!