Saturday, April 25, 2009

House Hunters

Or, maybe it's like a bad episode of house hunters. LOL. One where all the choices have significant drawbacks. We are like weekend warriors in the respect that we spend our weekends checking out neighborhoods and towns and houses. 

We try to check all the boxes--good school district, realistic commute for dh, and a nice house for not a lot of money. We almost always come up short in one area, but which one of those things do you compromise on? Dh drove Thursday from work to where they are building the new homes at a discount (in the great school district) and it took him 1.5 hours to get there. That's 3 hours a day, 15 hours a week in traffic, that's a lot. Granite counter tops can't fix that, so we threw the brochures away. 
This weekend we were following another lead, again, subject to weekday rush hour traffic, and we are still researching the schools. Sometimes it's like playing tetris where none of the pieces fit right no matter what you try. But, we aren't giving up. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes in this area, I feel we need all the help we can get here in La La land, where a 1960's rambler is $650,000. Don't adjust your screen, that's the actual price. But "for that bargain basement price your get a wet bar in every room" (that's an actual quote from the real estate agent. See I told you, La La Land.) 
And they don't build anything but McMansions. Some of them are castles I swear. I just want a normal house, but that's like mission impossible. I wonder with the movement to go green and conserve energy if houses will shrink a little. I can't even imagine the astronomical energy bills to heat and cool 13 foot ceilings. So you see, 1960's rambler with a short commute and huge price tag or castle with hours and hours for a commute with an outrageous price (but better than the rambler.) It's maddening. 
So, while we pour over the brochures from today, my hope is that this isn't how we will continue to spend our weekends, driving around like nomads. Sorry for the picture-less post. My space is in various states of disarray, kits everywhere, layouts in progress, photos in need of editing and uploading. And I'm still trying to finish my mom's birthday present. And my sister saw my heart project and now she wants one. Steller. Have a great weekend! Until tomorrow.


Stacey Michaud said...

Oh, so many things to consider! And then you think you find the perfect house, bid and nope! But it will happen when the time is right! Hoping you are enjoying a small piece of the process!!!

happydays525 said...

Hang in there...sending you good vibes!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You'll find the perfect home- things always happen for a reason. So if this one development doesn't pan out, it's because there is something even better for you guys out there!

Kristii said...

Wishing you the best in your search my friend!!!

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck with the house project, it is not easy. All those weekend adventures are worth it when you find the good one.

Really enjoyed all your creative posts as well, lots of fun things going on in your blog space.