Friday, February 27, 2009


It's Friday, hooray! So excited for the weekend. I'll be staying up and chatting over at Studio Calico tonight until midnight. I'll probably pop in at about 10pm or so, I have some things I'd like to finish first. So, if you are up, come say hi! I haven't decided which add-on I want, but I have to get the bicycle stamp. Gotta, lol.
I've been cleaning out my scrap room again, as all the websites for the winter blahs recommend organizing as a cure. I am taking some of the old idea books that I have to the library, I saw they had some other scrap idea books on the shelf and I figured they could use mine.  I'm also giving some stuff to the local pre-school, toys and stuff I thought they might like. It does feel good to get rid of stuff.
I'm embracing the terrible twos, and doing layouts about our lives regardless. I don't really want to look back and think that everything was wonderful and I want to do it again. I want to look back and say, how cute was he? But how tough was that! Otherwise I'll just cry I guess, thinking my best years have pasted me by. I am so thankful for all the other moms who posted yesterday, just knowing that I am not alone is so comforting. Thank you! Have a great weekend, I'll be posting tomorrow. Until then, a bedtime layout. I think the Cosmo Lil Man plane paper is so dreamy.
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Lil Man Patterned paper: Mischievous Max, Silly Sam and Cheerful Charlie; Cosmo Cricket Lil man "unforgettable' Rub-on; plus Making Memories Love Notes clip.
Instructions: Create a box in photoshop for both picture and journaling, then print. Cut patterned paper into a square and a rectangle and arrange as shown. Add photo and journaling, adhere clip and apply rub-on to bottom of page.
See you later!


Houston said...

I am totally diggin' that new Cosmo paper, it's been sitting on my desk awaiting it's turn to be used!
I plan to actually stay awake long enough to make it to the MB tonight... see you there :)

Sharyn said...

love this!

Aimee said...

yes, i love it too. it makes my heart sing! i can't decide either, i love them all. maybe ill get them all? lol, that is greedy.

have a super friday!

Lauren said...

That is going to be a great kit, isn't it???
Loved your Cosmo layout! Have a great weekend.

Jody said...

He is a gorgeous boy.
And your page?
Gorgeous too :)

Jen Martakis said...

Hey you!! I love your layout - that Cosmo is awesome. I can relate to the terrible two's thing. I'm there. Andrew *turned* on Sunday. lol

Stacey Michaud said...

Lovin your layout! You make me want all Cosmo--I actually am planning on ordering everything this release! LOL!