Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Snot Diet

All you need is one virus, lasting approximately 2 weeks with a copious amount of snot. That's it. Individual results may vary, but with taste buds covered and totally out of commission, I have lost 7 lbs and counting. That's with my valentine's day chocolate sitting untouched. Nothing tastes right. I've wondered if perhaps I don't have a cold, maybe it's tuberculous or something. But then I think I know too much and it's not a zebra (what we call a medical mystery. Medical problems that are common are horses, medical problems that are uncommon are zebras). 
And while I am certain I will get no sympathy for my unintended consequence, I am a little upset about the weight loss because I recently found a pair of jeans that I love. And I bought two pairs. And even after washing them on hot water and drying them on heat, they don't fit right now even with a belt. And I'm still sick. Maybe I'll finish the layout tomorrow, sigh. There is always tomorrow, right?


Close To Home said...

that is such a funny cartoon! LOL! You poor thing- I am praying that you feel 100%. :( That stinks about the jeans...but what a fine thing to lose weight LOL! I wish I could do that!

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog- that video is very touching, and glad it meant something to you, too, friend :)

Houston said...

Double bummer...sickness and cute jeans that aren't so cute right this second. Hope you feel better and get back to scrapping soon!

rmeyfe said...

LOL that is a great cartoon!!

I wish I could have lost some weight while I was sick but for some reason where as everyone else gets sick and doesn't eat it is like all I want to do when I am sick. Sorry about the jeans, hope you are feeling better!

janel said...

I think guacamole is what the Dr. ordered! Feel better soon!

Sarah said...

Feel better soon! Don't worry, as soon as you start eating again, those jeans will fit! Hope you feel up to scrapping again soon!