Thursday, January 15, 2009


A page ripped from the chronicles of Techno Barbie. 

I guess the PC has 9 lives. I was wrong, it wasn't a hardware problem. It was all software. What possessed me to try to fix it I'll never know. Maybe just to see if I could. And I did! I lost all data (no worries, nothing important on that computer anyway.) And I had to delete a partition (scary), but the clean installation actually worked. I haven't reinstalled the router software yet, so it's not connected to the net. And the router is kind of touchy so that's always a little tricky. But I could scan and print something if I needed to, which is a vast improvement from the clunky paperweight the PC had become. 
Where I went to college, there are always a lot of engineering students. And they have to take and pass chemistry if they wish to continue with that major. I was really good at chemistry and I taught it to freshman when I was in my junior/senior year to make money to go visit my dh at West point. So, I taught them chemistry and they in turn taught me about computers. PCs, to be exact, no one I knew had a Mac back then. Of course I got to take the old family dinosaur of a PC to college, something that freaked out at the thought of the "Internet." So I got a lot of practice in computer crashes, and software incompatibility. So I was always fixing something, the whole 4 years. 
When I got married and installed the wireless Internet in our first house my dh dubbed me techno barbie. (Cutest little nerd he ever saw.) Doesn't matter that I curse like a sailor when things don't go my way and I hit a button 20+ with no result. I guess love really is blind and deaf apparently. And now with the Macs in the house, I'm totally out of my element. This might be techno barbie's last great adventure, but gosh what a ride.
Happy Thursday, it's literally freezing here. Should be a good time! What do you do when your computer gives you a fit or dies?


Lisa Dorsey said...

LOL welcome back Techno Barbie! My DH does all the hardware stuff. My expertise are with the programs. He is lost in that department. We make a good pair. :)

Sarah said...

My DH is responsible for everything related to computers at his business so he is the one to fix any computer related mess at home. I am the handy one, however. I am the one to fix minor plumbing and electrical issues. It works out nicely! Have a great day!

Jody said...

My husband can't even turn the computer on, much less fix it!
Glad you're whole again :)

Susan Beth said...

Good for you! I could never have done that. Couldn't turn on a computer until law school, and didn't own my own until internet well established and laptops were "reasonably" priced. I can't fix anything, but my sister is like you and can do it all - so I just call her and she walks me through it on the phone.

Kimber-Leigh said...

i love the "techno barbie" comment. too funny.

i wish i had great computer advice. but i usually just get frustrated and turn it off, hoping that a miracle will occur when it's switched on again. :)

Rita said...

I lol'd at techno barbie! I try to avoid messing with programs too much...usually leave it to DH!

Nicole said...


glad it all worked out, lol... =)

~Amie~ said...

you'll love having a mac, you never have to fix anything! We even converted my mom over to a mac and she is hooked now too. Once you go mac, you can never go back!

love your new blog header

Susan Beth said...

You are covered in prayers for whatever it is that is making this day poor. I know that bad things happen even to good people Faith in God doesn't take the bad things away but it does change how we deal with them. May your faith give you the best possible response to whatever is going on. That is my prayer tonight for you.