Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girl Friday

A promise is a promise. I feel compelled to explain that when you make a project or layout for a trade show that you don't normally get the project/layout back. So, it's not the best thing to pour your heart and soul out into the journaling unless it really has a place there. I feel myself scrapping here in the past few days with tons of journaling to compensate for that I think. 
Here are my Cosmo Girl Friday projects:
Resolutions Layout
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Patterned paper Sunday; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Ready, Set Chipboard Alpha Stickers and Punctuation. 
Happy Layout
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Patterned paper Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Ready, Set, Chipboard "happy"; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Rub-ons.
Instructions: Cut all paper and photo into 2 inch squares. Adhere, and apply run-ons and stickers.
2009 Planner
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Patterned paper Thursday; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Ready, Set, Chipboard stickers, Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Rub-ons, Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Elements Paper/Journaling cards, plus Basic Grey chocolate numbers.
Instructions: Adhere patterned paper to outside of planner. Adhere Element Journaling card. Embellish with stickers, alphas and rub-ons. Place back in plastic case that it came in.
Paper Clip Project
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Patterned paper Sunday, Saturday and Tuesday; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Ready, set, Chipboard; Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Rub-ons; Claudine Hellmuth White paint; unfinished box and large clip from Michael's.
Instructions: Paint top and bottom of the box with white paint. Adhere patterned paper to each of the 4 sides. Embellish with rub-ons and stickers. I added a rub-on to the top as well, rub-ons work on wood too.
Well, let me know when you are ready for more and I'll post more projects. Have a great Wednesday!


kristina proffitt said...

LOVE your projects, girl! That Girl Friday line is so pretty! I'm getting it ALL! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing all your projects! Makes for a busy time. By the way, DD couldn't make it through a dance class without losing it. It still didn't work out at the end. We took a break and now she's going to start dance/gym class with her 'best friend'. Hopefully it will work out. Don't worry. Every other parent tells me it takes time! Cheers and have a great day!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love it

Ami said...

Love the projects...especially the planner!

Denise said...

Oh my! I just love your clip project. Well, I love them all, but that one especially is calling my name!

Emily Pitts said...

dang these are awesome projects danielle! i love the be fit on, that paper will be seeing my desk, more than once i'm sure! :) i didn't realize you lived in DC. i, um, assumed you lived in VT... i really want to go back. we didn't make it into the original smithsonian building. i have a picture, but we never made it inside. i regret.

Susan Beth said...

Your projects are wonderful! Love them all. I tagged you on my blog, and hope you can play along.

janel said...

Great line and you have worked your magic on it.

walesk said...

ohh I didn't know you didn't get your project back. that's too bad.
anyway, they are all wonderful :)

Allie said...

What a cute line! Looking forward to this one.