Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Duke update, etc.

I've fallen down on the blog! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted, I feel bad really. It's just been a really crazy long weekend. And we haven't gotten many long weekends with my dh, in fact last year other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, we got none at all. 
Over the weekend Dh told me about a place that offers age appropriate classes for toddlers, teaching them social skills, and physical activity. This weekend it was wicked cold and we were threatened with snow all weekend, but it didn't happen. After spending the weekend inside, we were ready to go check out this idea. 
So Monday morning we went to the take a free class with J. The other 4 children were all sitting quietly during music time around a circle. J? He was running around the room like a manic playing with everything. At first I tried to stop him. Then I tried to take him to a corner of the room to calm down. Then thankfully circle time ended and he could run around without being a sore thumb. By now I'm embarrassed, and wanting to go home. But the other parents were so supportive! They told me that it took a whole session (10 weeks) for their children to get the hang of it. Gosh it made me feel better. And because of that, I signed him up. So Monday mornings we are going to his class. I think that he needs to learn social skills, like sitting in a circle while someone teaches something. He needs to learn how to play hard at the appropriate times, and then turn it off at the quiet times. Even though I am a shy person and it's hard to make myself go interact with new people, I think it's worth it and a good thing.
I know it appears that I have done nothing all month by the looks of this blog! So not true. At least count:
I have completed 15 projects for Cosmo Cricket for CHA, more exactly 2 mini albums, 4 altered projects, and 9 layouts. I should be able to begin sharing them with you tomorrow.
I have completed 4 additional layouts. :)
I did do one Studio Calico layout.
That's 20 projects in 20 days, and I'm not done yet. Just got some Scribble Scrabble in the mail! But projects, here, tomorrow, promise. Blogging to continue. I can't go anywhere, the police have grid-locked the whole town with their check points!
Oh, and Duke update. My sister will indeed have surgery Thursday morning at Duke. She will be hospitalized for the next 5-7 days afterwards. I'm grateful I made the decision not to attend CHA. I would have been forcing my mom to leave my sister's bedside to come watch J. I'm just so glad that I didn't put her in that position. Everything happens for a reason. If you are inclined, if you could say a prayer on Thursday for her. It would mean a lot to me. And I can't talk anymore about that, it makes me cry. 
So tomorrow then?


Susan Beth said...

Prayers are starting early here and will continue throughout the hospital stay. And they will include you and your beautiful heart that is so connected to her - for your peace, strength and comfort during this timeof stress. Also, that class sounds so great! And don't worry if he's wanting to play, I'd rather hear that he's curious and engaged in his surroundings than that he just sits and watches.

Christie Wildes said...

Your sister is definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!! I am praying for the surgeons and your family.

I can't wait to see what you created with your CC goodies. And now Scribble Scrabble - SOOOO jealous!!! hehe

I am sure that the class will be wonderful for him. I was an ESE teacher for K students in my former life - and trust me, what your son was doing is completely normal. He's a busy boy!!

**hugs** will check back later for your projects. :)

janel said...

Know you have been more than bus creating...looks like you got it all finished. Of course all of you will be in my prayers. J's class sounds like a great place. Have a great day.

Lisa Dorsey said...

As I was reading I was thinking exactly what those parents said to you. He just needs time. :)I am sure all of the new stuff in that room was just too much for him to leave along. :) This sounds like it is going to be so good for both of you. I know classes like that were where I met some of MY best friends.

Lindsay said...

Danielle, saying prayers for your sister. You have been one busy woman- 20 LOs/projects in 20 days?!? If only I had that much mojo! THat is exactly how my son behaved when he began a gym class too. As long as they are enjoying themselves and not hurting themselves or anyone else!

young said...

Wow, life sounds full! Sounds like you're making good decisions for all involved - praying for your sister.

Maren said...

Last CHA, I posted everything...including things that were displayed so I figured it was the same this round. Maybe I should ask?? ;-)I can't wait to see what you magic you created with the new lines!
Sending my thoughts your sister's way.

kristina proffitt said...

I will most definitely pray for your sister. Hugs!

Can't wait to see you projects! :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

continued prayers to your sister, you and your mom.

i'm so glad to hear about your child's new classes. i hope they work out for him and for you!

Elisa said...

All the best wishes and prayers for your sister.
I think J did great for a first class - he didn't cry or threw tantrums - running is fine for a little boy. And it looks like the other mamas are nice too.