Monday, September 22, 2008

What language is that anyway?

Here is my latest, a real little boy layout. Not a baby layout. I'm very excited about that.

This is all Cosmo Cricket Get Happy Patterned paper and paper strip. I added some old Lil Davis chipboard words that I saved for just such an occasion. I added the journaling to the patterned paper, cut everything into a square and mounted to black cardstock. Then I added the photos and embellishments, including some Making Memories alphas. I personally do not think you can scrap little boys without this one paper line. There is nothing else like it out there, I love it so much.

Questions! I bet you thought I forgot. Ok, I kind of did. Then I remembered.

Blogger allie said...
Thank YOU Danielle for inspiring ME! What a touching post. And it reminds me how much I hate it when people tell me, "You must have too much time on your hands!" You are SO right. You have to decide to make that time and make it important to you. Any fab plans for your mini albums? :) Can't wait to see them

Answer: I have been working on a digital mini to get started. I thought it would be a great way to get a lot of photos out of the computer at once, and learn how to assemble a mini album at the same time. I am a bit of a photo rhino, and I have to get more photos done. I am really enjoying the digital mini, I just have to add my journaling and I'm done. I'll share when it gets here I promise!

Blogger debby said...
I just found you and your blog entry is inspirational. Thank you very much. What was the absoulte breaking point to say you are in the industry?
Answer: I'm not sure. I certainly am not the one who decides these things, but I consider anyone who is compensated in some way by the scrapbook industry as "in the industry" specifically, anyone who is on a design team, a manufacturers design team, someone who works for a scrapbook store or teaches classes, working for a magazine, etc. If you are asking what I think constitutes "making it" in the scrapbook industry, I think it depends on the individuals and their goals. 

Blogger kimber-leigh said...

i love your layouts :) and your 10th is no exception!

do you have any other interests/hobbies other than scrapbooking?

and what a fabulous rak!

Answer: Of course photography. But I'm only a hobbyist. I often will take portraits of family and friends, but I would never charge them. It's my gift, it's what I give back. Some people bake muffins and cookies and give them away. I take photos. I do like to cook, I just don't think I'm very good at it yet. Does having to do 100 CMEs (continuing medical education credits for being a physician assistant) every two years count as a hobby?

Blogger anne aka anniescraps said...

First how very sweet of you! Your post was heart touching and rang so true. You inspire me. What will your mini series be about? Will they be connected or separate from each other?

Congrats and such a great achievement!

Answer: Well, all my layouts/mini albums will be about J and our family. So they will be connected in that the subjects are the same. However, I would like to do separate themes I think, some sentimental (I love you because mini) and themed (summer, winter, etc.)

Still have a few more questions to go. J is talking now, so happy about that! I took a mime to North Carolina and I came home with a Chinese Olympic commentator! He is following me around going "ate, ate!" (Wait, wait) So cute. I knew I would fall even harder for this little guy when he started talking. 
Have a great Monday!


Susan Beth said...

So cute that he is talking! Gotta love when they become so much more interactive that way.

cannycrafter said...

LOve Cosmo cricket too - great LO

Linda Beeson said...

How sweet and perfect papers!

Allie said...

Isn't it amazing how fast the whole talking thing seems to happen? Crazy. And so cute. :) Love the 'little boy' LO! Thanks for answering my question... although I can't read it. :( Or the answer to Debby's question. I'll try it on my work computer tomorrow - maybe it's just me.

NoraAnne said...

Isn't it so sweet when they start talking?! I am able to have full on conversations with my son now and it tugs at my heart strings!
He looked at me last night and said "hi beautiful mommy" and I MELTED! There is no greater love :)

Denise said...

Perfect pp for your layout. Love the diagonal lines. The photos are precious!