Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wall

Not the one in Berlin
Not Pink Floyd's
Not the Great one in China.
Just mine, in my guest/scraproom.

I really wanted this magnetic board from Pottery Barn last Christmas. I got a gift card to purchase it. But, in order to be able to afford the shipping in the gift card I had to wait for it to go on sale. It did in Feb, so I got it. Imagine my surprise though when I learned that it doesn't come with the rod to attach it to the wall. That is another $20. Happy I was not. (Sorry, too much Dr. Seuss before bedtime).

Dh offered to buy a wooden one, cut it to size and paint it with metallic paint and buy the hardware to mount it to the wall. But that is an awful lot of trouble I think. I will get the rod eventually, when I think of it. For now though it works. My only other complaint, J steals the black magnets. I started with 6 and now I have 4. I can't figure out what he thinks they are, that is key to solving the mystery I've learned. I have checked all his normal hiding places, the hidden compartment in his riding toy, the laundry bin, the bathroom cabinet, behind the armour, the trash cans. . . I'm stumped.

I like being able to walk by it a couple times a day and think about the photos/the stories. I will be doing something else, washing dishes or something when an idea actually hits me, so it works well for me since I need time for things to gel. And the wall inspired my layout below:

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World Patterned paper, Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World Blackboard shapes and diecut stickers, Cosmo Cricket's Jack's World Ribbon, plus Karen Foster Corkboard patterned paper, Bazzil White Cardstock, Martha Stewart Heart punch, and Studio Calico Number stamp.

Instructions: Cut Cork paper to 8.5 x 11. Add Green Jack's World paper. Run Yellow paper through printer and add "Reason". Stamp Yellow paper with SC Number stamp. Add Yellow paper to background. Add photo. Create notebook paper in photoshop with text. I normally do this by the rectangle tool shaped into thin lines. Punch heart out of Red Jack's World Paper. Add ribbon, topped with Blackboard "A" covered with diecut sticker. Then use the circle Jack's blackboard shapes to "attach" the elements to the cork paper.

Thanks to Vee and Kristina for showing their boards on their blogs recently, that inspired this post. And thanks to everyone who viewed or voted for my layout at 2 peas, I'm still blown away by that. Yep, I've been playing with the header again, all my normal layouts clash with Halloween colors. I'll put it up again closer to the end of Oct. Have a great Wednesday!


NancyJones said...

oh I hear you I have given up decor in my home because it comes up missing or we have added things like DORA and boots at the manger scene, or my LED light up angel with a hot wheel under wing and a yo yo in her hand... its liek scavenger hunt daily around here.

ToneF said...

Oh! What a cute layout :)

Stacey Michaud said...

Love the wall of photos! Your layout is just precious, as usual!

HL0517 said...

love that magnetic board - and your little one is really cute

Rita said...

What a striking LO! Love the colors and how you used that SC just gave me some great inspiration!

Jen said...

Love your wall! That stinks that the rod comes separate. What a racket.

Hey, check the insides of your shoes for said magnets. My guy uses them for one of his hiding spots. lol