Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here's your sign

When I was driving home yesterday around the beltway of VA beach, I saw a weird sign. It said:

"Speed Limit is Enforced by Aircraft."

This made me nervous. I'm not a speeder. I still don't understand what that sign means. Does the aircraft fire shots at you if you are speeding? Swoop down and carry your car away? Float tickets down from the sky? What happens when we go through the Monitor Merrimack bridge/tunnel? Now, I've got a lot to pay attention to there on the inner loop of 664. But I kept the warning in the back of my mind. Just in case the driver next to me traveling at the speed of light gets sapped, I want to hang back a little. You know, just in case.

J and I had a nice little vacation, for the price of a tank of gas in my car. We played in the sprinkler, went to 3 different playgrounds, had a BBQ that got rained on, and did a little shopping (or in J's case running down the middle of the mall). I got a great deal on HP photo paper at Office Max, 2 for 1.

Home again, home again. The whole house smells like the new futon, which smells like fresh paint. Not bad. I finished the laundry before I left my parents house. So, just taking the energetic spirited child to the food store today, always an adventure. Is there anything I can do to make going to the grocery a more pleasant experience for everyone? My little magician can get out of the straps/cart.

Hoping to upload some photos when I get back.
I have those pics of the new scrap room to upload too.
Happy Thursday everyone!


janel said...

Happy you are home and looking forward to your new pics. Have a great day!

Kristii said...

Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and layouts from your vacation!

Susan Beth said...

Glad you are home safe. Speed enforcement that is not visable to the eye has to be announced or it is a constitutional violation - thus, radar and aircraft monituring must be posted. I won't go into the constitutional analysis. It does make for some strange signs along the roads. Anxious to see your photos!

Allie said...

Eek! Yes, I've seen a similar sign. Makes me nervous. Big Brother is watching!!! Glad you ha da nice vacation!

Caroline said...

welcome back!!

aircraft monitoring? hm. interesting...

Tonya said...

alright, I'm an air traffic controller (talk to aircraft while they fly so they don't run into each other). That sign meant that small aircraft are flying above and checking your speed. Just like a police officer would, to be honest they are police officers. They're just in airplanes rather than cars. It's not BIG brother or anything like that. It's a more efficient way to track speeders.

In those areas you'll notice dashed lines every so often, that's what help them calculate your speed. If you aren't speeding then don't worry about it. They aren't going to get you going 5 miles over. Plus they aren't there 24/7.

Sorry just had to explain :)

Stacey Michaud said...

You crack me up! Hope your trip to the grocery store went well! Can't wait to see you pics! PS hope you had a chance to see the ScrapStreet article--there is a link on a recent post on my blog in case you haven't!! So glad you shared your work!

Jen said...

Hey there! It's great to have you back. I'm glad that you had a nice time. I've been missing you at MS. :(

Oh and the magician's trick in the shopping cart...yeah, I'm no help my little guy is taking tips from yours.