Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My hiatus from scrapping has only slowed my shopping for scrapping down a little bit. I get a monthly kit, and rarely a really boyish add-on.

I seldom shop outside of this. There have been two exceptions--wood veneer (studio calico) is the first. And because of the first I convinced myself that I needed the second--all the jenni bowlin dabbers. I never buy a whole collection of something, but I have the yellow and pink bubblegum color (not sure why since pink doesn't get much use in my house). So I really wanted the other colors to paint the veneer:
Gosh they are all so pretty lined up like that. I only got 1 red though, cough syrup. And I got speckled egg and weather vane. Can never have too much blue or grey in my house. And I didn't get orange, it was out of stock. :( Maybe later? I looked all the usual places, and had the best selection for the price. I'm waiting impatiently for them to arrive (can't you tell?). No idea where I will put them, but I love them already.
Do you have a collection of scrapping things that you like? Did you buy it all at once or over time? I didn't intend to buy these all at once, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
(I'm much better behaved today than yesterday. The arthritis is improved and I no longer feel the need to curse like a sailor when I type. Thought I'd take advantage. :) ). Happy Wednesday to you, until tomorrow.


Kelly in Canada said...

i just wanted to encourage you...i blogged today for the first time in about four months...
i totally get why you needed the paint dabbers. they look so pretty all in a row!

Abbey said...

New visitor via SC - I did buy both collections of Mr. Huey last fall at a CKC vendor fair. A very rare thing for me, but an excellent base for any misting needs.