Thursday, August 30, 2012

Carry on . . .

I suppose I could just say that it's back to school time and things are busy, which is kind of true.

Or I could get right to the heart of the matter and say that I'm really stressed this week. Really stressed. I don't do well with change. I try, I really do. But when it involves a new school for my baby, well my stomach just goes to pieces. I've done so much pre-planning, altering my work schedule, doing all that I can to make the transition a smooth one. I try, oh how I try.

It doesn't matter, my guts are smarter than me. I think they even know that I'm trying to hide stuff from them. :)

Struggle on.  It's a phrase I repeat when I am nervous or scared, or not feeling well with crohn's. Just keep going, get out of this moment, out of my head and back to the present moment and back to the task at hand. Back to my child's latest building creation, back to my dh's supportive glance, back to helping other people. I'm so lucky to get to help other people as a job.

I've been scrapping again lately to try to be present, to fiddle with paper in my hands. I finished 2 more layouts and a card for my sister's birthday. Will be back to share soon. Until tomorrow.

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